Sunday, September 5, 2010

When the little voice in your head tells you

that something is just not right you have to listen to it. You just do. I wonder why it doesn't speak up sooner though. I finally have my own work to show you and, well, I do NOT like it. I bought the little chickadee fabric so tried to match everything else up with it. The brown fabric has little lime birds in it so I thought it would be perfect. And go with the little brown sqiggles in the chickadee fabric. But, it is just so BROWN! So out it had to come. Like the quilt now? I have new blocks made but first I had to rip. You know, as ye sew so shall ye rip.
See that blue in the second block from the left on the bottom row? That's what will replace the brown. More in the blue and green family. Of course now I am second guessing the yellow but since there are definitely yellow flowers it will stay. So this top was finished and now not so much.
That's probably because I am just working outside my colour comfort zone. Now this basket quilt is more in my zone. And it has fall colours. This was a $30 stack of fat quarters put together by one of the local shops at the Kuna show. The pattern was free. One of those stack and rotate ones. The samples had appliqued flowers decorating the baskets but I am not going to add those. I like it like this and since it is fall now, I want to get this finished and hung. This fall.
I also finished this. It is from the book "Lots of Dots" by Cotton Way. I wanted to use up my '30's-ish fabrics. I think I pretty much did, but again I am out of my colour comfort zone. This just came out so PINK! Didn't it?
And remember the commission quilt? Here it is. I love the colours. Don't you? Happily the commisioner was happy with it. And it is finished. I am glad.
I didn't forget that I still have some Kuna show pics to share. Here is the last of them. This is one of those times when I can't remember at all why I took the picture.
I like this one. I really like the on point baskets. And the non symmetry of it. Pastels, though.
Remember the theme was flower baskets. Here are a couple little theme quilts. Cute I think.
This one is not my favourite by any means but it was such a cute idea that I had to have a pic. I wonder if the idea was inspired by the fabric or if the quilter had the idea and had to hunt everywhere for the fabric. I would think it is the former but you just never know.
I guess I am in an on point mood. Nice treatment for a sampler quilt. I keep picking out quilts with applique on them, too. But whenever I try to do something like this I think the vines and leaves look silly. But they look fine when other people do it.
And this is hard to explain. Actually it was hard to understand when I saw it but I think the idea is that there is a different little towel like quilt for every month that goes in the holder. I tried to get them all. See the holder?
I have never seen anything like this before.
Here is another sweet one. Kind of pastelly again. But bright pastels. I like that the backgrounds are different colours. And the kind of horizontal flowers.
Here is another version of that market basket quilt that was at the Boise show, too. You know, the one that I thought I had the pattern for but only had a similar pattern. I do like it.
This one is kind of cool. Makes me think of a backgammon board.
This sampler is not quite on point, but kind of wonky set. A little too much blue for me but I like the wonky setting.
And I just love this one. Love the colours. And the kind of squared off flowers. And the chekerboard. Yeah, I do like it, alot.
How about this one? This one was in the youth category so it was made by a youth. WOW!
And isn't this one cute? Baa baa not black sheep. The background is really interesting, too. I like the little orange head peering out from behind.
So that is now the end of Kuna. Took us awhile to get here, didn't it? I still have the pics from Sisters so there are lots more quilt show pics left to see. And since I think I am finished with stashlets and the commission now, I can get going on what I want to do. And maybe it will come out better than two of the tops I am showing you today.
Time to decorate for fall, too. The weather is definitely cooler which is both great and inspiring. Have to get the fall/Halloween box down. Woo hoo!