Sunday, July 25, 2010

Boise Basin Quilters Show Part Two

Remember that African fabric quilt from last post? I forgot this one pic of it. I really like the curvy wavy border. Well, I like it on this quilt. I definitely do not like it when one of my quilts comes out like this NOT ON PURPOSE! Every once in a while no matter what I do this seems to happen. Then I start over compensating and have other issues until somehow it works itself out. Over thinking it I guess. Anyway, on with the show. I have seen this quilt in a McCall's magazine. I actuallly bought the magazine because I love this quilt. The blue looks like a night sky. I want to make it but I just have to figure out what small print in not blue I would want to use.
Here are a couple more pics of it.
And a close up. I love the scattered look.
Now here is something you would not think I would take pictures of. Really abstract, solid colours, etc. The anti me.
And in another colour way. It's always interesting to see what other people are doing.
Here's another pastel-ly one. I love the big flowers.
And I love, love, love this one. This is a Buggy Barn I think. Never would have thought of doing it in black and white. And the yellow really sets it off. I think of their stuff as primitive because their fabrics are always primitive. And of course primitive is my all time favourite.
I have a couple of close ups of the blocks.
Here is another I don't know why I have. I do like the swags in the border. Maybe that is why.
This one is cute, cute, cute.
I love the road sashing. Here a couple of the pieces of equipment. Bulldozer.
Cement truck.
They had a whole road of star quilts. Here are a couple.
They are out of such different fabrics.
Oh, here is another really cute one. My grandkids are too big for this kind of thing these days. This is a raffle quilt.
Look how cute. Love the black sheep.
I like the bottom, too. Don't you like the star border plus the log cabins and even the triangles. A row by row even for the borders. Cool idea.
Another of the circle quilts. I think I alreay took a picture of one with the yo yo center. But I don't think that one had the buttons in the middle of the yo yos. I really like it this way. Interesting how a pattern morphs through the years as different people make it.
I don't usually go for thirties fabrics but this one appealed to me because the stars are all the same fabric and I wanted to remember that. I don't recall seeing a start done this way before.
I debated rotating this one but no matter how I tried it still didn't come out right side up. It's a cute way to deal with pre printed squares. I buy these panels periodically because I love the artwork and then can never think of what to do with them and this looks really nice. I especially like the borders framing the pictures and the occasional other block.
This one is from the featured quilters. A mother daughter duo. The daughter does all the applique and the mother does the quilting. This is such happy colours!
And I think I took this one because I loved the colours and the use of the larger prints. Remember I have been collecting some larger modern prints and keep looking for a way to use them.
I have seen this before but this is an especially nice one. It was actually in a booth and I was talking to the maker about having to drink all that Crown Royal. She told me her secret in how to obtain all of them. Talk about fussy cutting! Isn't it a riot?
This was in a booth, too. I think the pattern is from Two Peas in a Pod. I like the rick rack stems. I know rick rack is really popular right now and this is a cute way to use it.
And another from the booths. This is Polly Minnick I think. I love the colours, of course, and the house. Would go nicely in the flag room, now wouldn't it?
I don't know anyone who uses a garment bag for traveling any more. Everyone travels with the roller bags. And 99% of them are black including mine. When I am waiting for my bag the black ones just keep rolling by. How come mine is always one of the last ones? Maybe they are still used for storing out of season things? Anyway, isn't this cute? I love the way the fabric is used.
You remember, don't you that the Boise show always hangs "ambiance" quilts up around the perimeter of the room near the ceiling. Here are a couple I liked. They are always hard to take pictures of but I did try. I like this red, white, and blue one.
I'm not sure why I have this one. That's what happens when it is a month between the taking of and the posting of the pics!
And the last. Hope you enjoyed the quilts. Next week is the Kuna show and Mr THQ is still working on processing all the pics from our Oregon (and Sisters!) trip. So there are still lots of quilts to come. Tomorrow is our 41st anniversary. Hard to believe. But there it is. Amazing how fast time goes by, don't you think?

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Boise Basin Quilters Show Part One

The BBQ show is in June now. Has been for the last couple of years so the shows really pile up in early summer. It used to be in the fall which I liked better because so many of the quilts were in fall colours and the vendors had tons of fall and Christmas things. Hmmm, doesn't seem right to be complaining about a quilt show now does it? So I will stop. I took lots of pictures so we will spend a few posts at the show. The pics are not in any particular order. This is a very simple quilt but I really liked the colours.
You are going to think I did something either really wrong or really fancy with my camera when you look at this picture. But it is really just a close up of a quilt you will see in a sec. I love the scrappy chaotic way this was done.
Suitable for any old scrap don't you think? I envision just making piles of colurs and going for it. I wonder if it is on a foundation? What do you think?
See, here is the whole thing. Really striking.
I am always a sucker for this pattern. I have made it several times and probably will again. It always looks so different depending on the colour palette chosen.
And always a sucker for stars, too.
The fabrics in this one were really unusual.
African I am thinking.
Here is a look at the whole thing.
Lots of precision sewing and cutting here. Not something I would want to do but it sure looks great. Look at how those tips meet.
Here's a little more of it.
Oh, and the whole thing. The play of colour through it is fantastic.
I have this pattern. I have never made it and I sure would have never chosen these fabrics. But it looks great. I think I will pull out that stash of modern big prints I have been sort of collecting and the pattern and see what I can do.
Don't you just love it? Brown background. Who would have thought of that? Well, obviously, this quilter. Not me.
Really cool, huh?
Guess you want to see the whole thing. Here you go.
When I go to a show I like to visit all the vendors first and see what they have, then the quilts, then go back and shop the vendors. I usually enter and go to the left because most people go to the right and that way I am kind of out of synch with the crowd. I started this show in the second row in on the left and the most phenomenal quilts were in that row. The rest of the show just couldn't hold a candle to that first row. It would have been better if I had started from the right and seen this row last.
This quilt was in the same row. I love black and white and brights.
This is such a cool take on a quilt that usually would be done in traditional colours. I just love it.
Don't you? More to come in a few days.