Saturday, October 29, 2011


That's what my mother called that open gap between the buttons just in the wrong place on a button up blouse. I never wear button up blouses because of that gap.

So I have been suffering from blog gaposis. It has been awhile. I have the usual excuses -- busy, blah, blah, real life, blah, blah, etc. But I am back, so let's get on with the show. I still have lots of quilt show photos but since I have actually both decorated for fall and Halloween and completed some quilts I thought I would start with me, me, me.

So, let's start with decorations first. I think this little bear came from Avon a number of years ago. The sunflower box top didn't come with the box when I got it but I found it thrifting not to long ago and while it is not an exact fit it won't fall off and covers the box opening. I love the little orange witchy bear -- I have had him for a long time.

At Art in the Park, an annual festival here in Boise a woman always sells lots of little quilts like this one with various shapes. After we first moved here and I saw them I made this copy cat. I have a heart one for Valentine's day, too. This is its first year in this spot and I kind of like it.

Do you always put your holiday decorations in the same places every year? I do on the ones I really like -- in fact I look back at pictures. But some things roam. This little scarecrow always goes right here. I love the witch wooden thing-- I think I found it in the crafts gone bad aisle at Deseret last year and I think this is where I put her last year. I really like her. She stays out in my sewing room all year long.

I don't know if I really like these gourds. Like the colours, but, meh. This is a new spot for them and I am not sure the new scenery improved them.

This area is ordinarily kind of fallish in its look. I like the little white pumpkin against the black.

I have more table runners than I have tables so I just added these to this basket 'o quilts. I certainly have way more quilts than beds, and walls, and shelves, and...

My dining room table. I forgot to get that runner thrown over the chair put away before I took the pic. Oh, well.

Fall mantle.

I've had this little ghost pillow longer than my daughter is old. He is in pretty remarkable shape for hitting his '40's, don't you think? Even still pretty white.

Have done a bit of thrifting during my absence. Not as much as I usually do because, blah, blah, blah, but here is a small sample. Love the Santa pattern. Now if I would just make some of these doll patterns.

As I said, I have some finishes to share. A friend gave me the new Whimsicals panel a few months ago. I didn't want to make a full sized quilt so I made mini quilts from the bits. Here is Krackle Kitty.

I gave this one to the friend who gave me the panel because the poinsettias made me think of her. It ended up in a local quilt shop as a sample for a while. Happy, happy, now I am a quilt shop recognized designer and a published author. :-D No, authorship has nothing to do with quilting but does have something to do with gaposis.

I really like how this one came out.

And I really really like how this one came out. Even if it is basically blue.

So what else have I been working on? I love this back even if it was just a way to make enough of the checkered fabric.

Here is the front. It was a panel and a kit from the Gathering Place in Rupert that I bought at a quilt show a few years ago. And I pretty much used the fabrics that came in the kit.

I made two alike except for the fabric choices. The pattern is by Malka Dubrawsky called Fish Baby Log Cabin. I think I found it on Sew, Baby, Sew, but am not sure. Hers is bigger and in solids but I really liked the concept. I love, love, love how this one came out. Mr THQ likes the chicken fabric.

And here is my fall version. You already saw part of it because it is on my dining room table right this minute being fallish.

Then I have some "modern" quilts, unlike what I normally do. Here is a bright one. I am currently madly in love with chartreuse right now. Thinking back I have always like it I think. When I was in junior high and those huge mohair cable sweaters were in style I saved up baby sitting money and bought one in chartreuse that I wore and wore until it was just a lump of pilled threads.

Not so modern here, I used up fat quarters. I have a fall one like this, too, but it is not quilted yet. Or even pinned. It will have to wait for next year I guess, but this one is ready for Christmas. I like it a lot, too. I looked for all my kind of darkened reds and greens. Lots of Thimbleberries here. I really like the black dots on the ivory background squares. I love it when I love a finished quilt, don't you?

And another modern one. I am showing you the back to prove that you should use no fabric before its time. I have had this VIP print since the late '70's or early '80's. I had it in blue that you have seen on other backs I think (it was in my blue phase) but I have always loved this colour way and it is the perfect back here, don't you think?

This is a colour study from a blog called In Colour Order I think. I had fun using brights. And look at my binding... yup, that green again.

When my daughter still lived at home way back when Mr THQ who did all the laundry used to complain that all our clothes were the same and all blue-green-purple. That's what he said when he saw this quilt. But there is only the tiniest smidgen of blue on it. This is not at all what I usually do but I fell in love with that kind of blue green fabric with the thistles and ended up buying a fat quarter stack of the line. And bonus, it has that green in it.

Well, back with a vengeance, don't you think? Lotsa pictures. I am not going to make a promise I might not keep as to how soon I will be back, but I will be back, that I can promise. Still have lots of quilt show pics to share, some works in progress, and other stuff, but have more traveling coming up and that often gets in the way.

Hope not everyone has given up on me and that you are still out there......