Sunday, October 25, 2009

"Feathering in" Halloween

My favourite magazine is "Country Sampler" and they always use the term "feathering in" in their copy. It's funny how certain magazines use the same phrases over and over. Anyway, I have "feathered in" Halloween to my fall decorating. Be prepared for lots of pictures as I try to catch up for being gone so long. Have to show these now because it's almost time to "de-feather" or "un-feather" Halloween and start in with Thanksgiving.

Anyway, this is a little wallhanging I made from a kit last year. And this is a little shelf I have had for years and years that is by my front door with my baby boo pillow. I have to hang the longest things on the left side because Mr THQ gets annoyed if they cover the light switch on the right side....
I made this wallhanging last year, too. It is a couple of left over bits from the wallhanging that is over my pantry. I like this alot and it fits perfectly on this column.
Here is a little Halloween doll. She fits nicely in one of the chairs we got recently from thrifting. Since currently I am painting everything black, it is black and suits her just fine.
This is my biggest bear. He always sits in this old school chair. I have had this little bat cape for a long time. It was a thrifted treasure from years and years ago. It has a purple lining you can't see from this pic but it is about the same colour as the bats.
I almost forgot about this pumpkin pie plate. It should have gone up in September and it will stay through Thanksgiving.
I just changed out a flag tray for this recently thrifted picture over these cabinets. I think the pic is cute. And most of the year there are pinecones along the front of this shelf. Right now there are berries, gourds, and other dried items.
I made this Halloween cross stitch many years ago. Mr THQ made the flat birdhouse for me.
This witch was found in a thrift store this year, too, and she fits nicely on another side of this column. I just love the "crafts gone bad" aisle as you know and that is where we found her. It just amazes me that people get rid of this stuff. I can't paint AT ALL so I am always in awe of those who can. She is just such a happy witch!
Here is a really old jack. My daughter was probably not even in school when I made it. The fabric is very polyester-y; kind of a poplin. Cottons were just not available back then.
Here is another recently acquired and painted black item. This little stool was yellow. Looks better this way I think.
This marble stand is by my front door, too. It belonged to my MIL once upon a time. She had lots of little stands like this to hold plants. It is an unusual piece I think and I really like the strong design in the marble.
A little wooden ghost from a craft show. I probably paid 10 times for him what I pay for thrifted items but he is cute. Those are little bean bag pumpkins. I need to make some more of them.
This is one end of my mantle. I love this little bear. This is the first year he has worn the witch hat. I need to remember that next year as it fits pretty well. Sometimes bear ears do not go well with the hat and I have to stick a pin in the bear's head to hold it on but not with him.
This is the other end of my mantle. That Halloween noisemaker has been with me for many years, too. It is another favourite. Gee, I sound like a broken record, don't I? But some of my Halloween stuff really is just the cutest.
Now, here is something that is definitely NOT a favourite. I have had these blocks awhile and got them at a great price but they just don't do anything for me. They really seem like they should be something I like alot, but they just aren't. You know what I mean? So I bought some Modge Podge and some scrap book paper and I am going to cover them and cut out letters, cover them, and glue them on. At least that is my plan. I am not good with glue so I have some trepidation, but I figure I can't like them any less. What do you think? Good plan?
Another little bear. He came with the hat already!
My bigger boo pillow and a stuffed ghost who again has been with me for years.
I just made this little square quilt from a favourite fat quarter of witchy clothing I am really liking it with the green picnic/lunch box.
This is one of my few "designer" items. I have some Christmas things from this designer, too. You can guess where the sunflower sign came from I am sure. I know, I know, it has blue on it, but the sunflower cuteness counteracts the blueness.
Okay, here is another thrifted painted thing I just love. I got her just before last Halloween. Mr THQ had to glue some of her layers back on (see, he is the gluer around here, not me) as she was coming apart. I leave her out all year long in my sewing room.
Oh, this is in my bathroom. Have you ever read Rachel Atwell's "Shabby Chic". For some reason the thing I remember most about that book was that she decided what toiletries and such to buy based on whether or not the containers went with the decor. I always think about that. I don't do it (and if I did I would buy the container once and then decant what I like into that container) but when you look at this pic it looks like I do do that!
Oh, I almost forgot to show you the Halloween lid for the box. A friendly Casper-like ghost. Once again you can see a couple of my favourite things -- the little Trick or Treat slate and the goofy ceramics class jack o lantern. That thing always makes me smile. It makes me think of the cat I made in the 2nd grade that disappeared along the way.
So, there you have it, Halloween. I don't have anything quilty to share. I had not been in my sewing room for a long time until today. There was some travel, a medical procedure, a Halloween costume that had to be made, and then a bunch of pinning that just had to be done. Meanwhile, it is bazaar time. Our local paper always lists bazaars and yesterday I went to the first couple of the season. One was in an old barn, the "ole white barn" to be exact. It was a wonderful place. I took a couple of pictures but this is the only one that came out okay. The sun was playing havoc with the camera. But isn't it cool?
There were also a couple of old chairs and things painted chartreuse with pumpkins on them. I absolutely fell in love. I think chartreuse might be my new black -- need to find some paint that colour so that future thrifted things can become chartreuse.....

Sunday, October 11, 2009

October will not be a productive month

that is for sure. So here it is and it will have to do. Another cross stitch piece that has been around for a while awaiting completion. I think it was supposed to have a verse inside but the pattern has certainly long vanished. So I tried out the heart yo-yo maker. Not quite symmetrical but not too bad either. And I tried out a bit of embellishemnt -- little rose buds and buttons.

Not really my thing but I think it came out okay and it goes nicely in the bathroom off my sewing room. It is all pink and green -- just about the only pastelish place in my house. That's because the shower curtain is a pink and green log cabin quilt I made for my mom years ago that came back when she passed. And I have started some new things. For fall. Most likely it will not be finished until at least next fall. Or maybe the one after that. Love the way this block came out.

The real stumbling block you see, is that it is past time to get some pinning done. My old wooden laundry dryer that holds finished tops is overflowing and yet getting motivated to get the basting done seems not to be happening.

Plus, (warning, excuse coming) I have been wanting a desk in my sewing room for a long time for my computer. Everytime we go thrifting I look. And last weekend we finally found one. In the as-is room at Salvation Army for only $5! It doesn't even need too much work -- tightening up and Old Englishing.

But it necessitates significant rearranging in the sewing room. Well, not so much rearranging as finding new ways of storing things because it will take the place of a low chest of drawers inherited from my MIL. And that chest of drawers stores all my wool and also upholstery fabric remnants that have been accumulated over the years for pillow making purposes.

So while the Old English dries, and I hope, doesn't collect too much Pixie hair, I must get to work...