Sunday, November 21, 2010


This is my 100th post! Well, since I had a guest blogger for my last post it is really my own 99th and my next one will really be MY 100th. So as is customary with a 100th post, there will be a giveaway. I just need a little time to get it sorted out. The last few weeks have been totally hectic. First week of November in Chicago, last week in Chicago!

I got Halloween put away and Thanksgiving out of the tote but not put out and here it is almost time to put Thanksgiving away and put out Christmas!

It's going to stay hectic, too. Next Tuesday is our Thanksgiving potluck for work so I have to make something. Then on the 29th we are going to have our departmental Christmas potluck and gifts. I think it will be fun to eat everyone else's leftovers because by then I will be tired of my own. Isn't that a good idea? Say yes...

I know, I know, it is early for Christmas. But the point of making all those stashlets was so that I would have a gift for all my folks to remember me by after I retire. Our office complex has a Christmas craft fair every year and I always put little quilts and a few big ones in it for sale. Since I have a little over 30 stashlets and only 15 folks I know there will be leftovers and I want to be able to put them in the sale. That seems reasonable, doesn't it? The sale is December 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, so I have to let my folks choose their favourite stashlet first! Oh, then I have to go to San Francisco on the 1st, too. Phew. Are you tired just reading all this? I am!

Anyway, I have managed to do some sewing. I finally finished the tshirt quilt top. I really like the way it came out. The sashing is a funky green and Lisa really loves green so I know she will like it. This quilt turned out to be BIG. In order to get all the print on some of the shirts I had to cut the blocks at 14.5 inches. It is heavy, too, with so much stabilizer. It is now pinned and ready to be quilted but after man-handling it all morning I decided it needed to wait a bit for quilting. So what do you think of my first tshirt quilt? I don't know if I will get it quilted over Thanksgiving weekend or not since that is the weekend when I do Christmas. It will just depend on how exhausting Christmas is. Anyway, I am glad that only the quilting and binding are left. It has been a big project.

So next time you will either see a finished quilt or finished Christmas! And the promised giveaway! It just amazes me that I am at 100 posts!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Now for something completely different

I have a guest blogger for you today! I was contacted not too long ago about hosting a virtual book tour by Nita Beshear who has written a book called "Devoted to Quilting". Since I have long harboured aspirations of being a writer and since she lives in Oklahoma where I used to live (Oklahoma, like Idaho, my current home, a state starting and ending with a vowel) how could I say no? You are right, I couldn't, so here is Nita's guest post:

Protecting Quilts

“When was the last time you refolded your quilt?” This is a question I often ask people when they stop to share their quilt story with me.

The blank look I get in return is also common. “What do you mean?” They ask with a shrug, before continuing, “I don’t know, it’s in a trunk.” These are always special quilts, and the owners want to preserve and keep them, forever, if possible.

I’ve heard stories of quilts embroidered with the state birds, flowers, or other pictures, quilts done by grandmothers, aunts, even mothers. They tell of quilts that were made in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, sometimes stories of quilts made as late as the 1960’s. Other quilts are of patchwork, sometimes made using what is now a traditional pattern, something like a Drunkard’s Path, or Star quilt, or a simple patchwork quilt. Other descriptions are of appliquéd quilts.

Always, though it isn’t the quilt that is memorable it is the quilt’s story. The story of the quilter and how important she was/is to the current quilt owner. They share stories of love. The quilts representing these stories are locked away in trunks, and have been, sometimes, for years. They don’t want to use them, they want to keep and treasure these reminders of people and a time long past.

Because they aren’t quilters, they don’t understand that storing quilts in a plastic bag or box for a long time is not good for the quilt.

There is usually some discussion about where and how they can safely store their quilts. Once that is determined I remind them the quilts need to be refolded, not only when they move it to the safer location, but on a regular basis, like annually.

They are also always surprised to hear the quilt needs to be refolded; this usually leads to another discussion. However, when they walk away, I feel better knowing their treasure will be around, in good condition for future generations.

Sometimes as quilters we forget that last detail, refolding our special quilts. The approach of winter is a good time to add this job to our lives. After all, while we’re saving other people’s quilts, we want to protect our treasures.

Some quilts are meant to be used. However, there are some quilts we just want to save and protect. We need both kinds of quilts in our lives and it’s important to me to help others keep those special quilts safe. So, have your special quilts been refolded? Are they in a safe place? Don’t forget to remind others.

Thanks to Tall House Quilts for allowing me to visit with you today. Don’t forget to leave a comment for a chance at two of Darcy Ashton’s Appliqué Pattern Books. You can also visit the other blogs on the tour, as well as my blog, Devoted to Quilting to leave a comment. I’ll be back later to answer any questions or comments you have.

Thanks again. It was a pleasure.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Remember Sisters?

Only 4 months ago, right? Well, more pics have magically appeared from Mr THQ's camera so let's have a look.

You know I love houses but this one also has those great stars in the border. Love, Love it. And the blues (yeah, I am going to say something good about blue) really set this off, don't you think? Another view. I also love the little checkerboard borders around some of the block. Oh, yeah, super scrappy.
I have this pattern. Have had it for years and years. This is the first time I have seen it made up now I will have to go dig out the pattern. It's one of those oversize ones so it is not with my regular patterns. It's in a "special" place. You know what that means -- the big honey hunt is on.

Not only is this a nice log cabin, but don't you love the venue?
Great ladies. Love the aprons. And the flowers in the sashing and borders.
More ladies. I have seen this pattern made up before. Usually in more primitive colours.
Okay, several views of one that I am absolutely crazy about. Don't you love it? I had Mr THQ take enough pictures to get every bit of it. I think I remember that it was done in a class according to the information the quilt. I hunted for it everywhere and could find nothing. So sad.

I think I had read somewhere about the car. Here it is.
Nice colours on this one, don't you think? Pretty.
If you remember, I was really liking the bright quilts. This one is really interesting colours, too, don't you think? I really like the backgrounds, too. Interesting.
Another bright one. The black background on this one really sets off the colours. I like the big applique pieces, too. I even like the birds. Just kind of perched on the flowers. And usually I don't care so much for the birds.
Another bright one. Really abstract.
This one is different from the others we have just been looking at. Look at all that neutral background! You can guess what I like about this one, can't you? The houses, of course.
Partridge in a pear tree. Just in time for Christmas. I think I have seen this pattern before, too. This is nice.
Back to the brights.
More of the street scene. Remember we got there really early so we were able to take pictures of the quilts from a distance with only a few folks in the way. Later on in the day it was almost impossible to take pictures like this. And in some places it was hard to even walk!
This one seems nice and sparkly. Maybe that's why I wanted a picture. Blue and yellow are not my thing. And snails' trail isn't either. But I like this one. Does it seem sparkly to you? Or am I just rationalizing my liking something I usually would not like?
Lots of stars. Gotta love this one. Nice sort of autumnal colours, too. I like all the different kinds of stars and all the different sizes.
So, what do you think? Worth waiting for I say. And there are more hidden away on that camera. So we have more to look forward to. Just don't know how long we will be waiting!