Saturday, December 24, 2011

Just in time

I am posting pics of some of my Christmas decorations. I had intended to get this post up early enough to join some of the link parties. Oh, well. In fact I had intended to post sooner than 6 weeks from the last post. Oh, well. So directly from Halloween to Christmas we go.

This is one of my absolute favourite things I have ever found haunting the crafts gone bad aisle at the thrift store. Don't you love his wire ears -- like old wire coat hangers. With apologies to Joan Crawford I like them. Much of what I did this year I did like last year but some things are different and this is one area that is. The Santa sign was also thrifted. It is stick on letters, not paint, so it gives me hope that I, too, could make a wooden sign.

This is my mantle, or at least one end of it. I decided not to fight garland this year, so omitted it -- remember I am garland impaired. I like the patriotic bear with my own home made vaguely patriotic Santa against the flag background. I already have ideas how to add to this next year. Which I will probably forget by next year.....

Here is the entire mantel. Yes, I have 3 of those bear angels. I just love them. Part of my idea for next year does away with the topiaries. While I love the tins they sit in, topiaries are just not me. I think they will go tinless into the spring neighbourhood garage sale.

Here is the wooden box with its winter lid. I thought the little snowgirl went well with it. The stocking, not so much, but it did fit the space. It, too is a thrifted find. I like it lesss now than when it was purchased. But that's the beauty of thrifting -- it is inexpensive to change your mind!

This is actually quite different from it's usualy look. But I think I like the new look. Yes, another thrifted sign. You can pretty much figure that anything that is painted is thrifted because I have no artistic talent. Painting is definitely not my forte unless it is walls.

A couple of new little Christmas quilts by the front door and tree. My love affair with yellow green is showing.

Also by the front door. I was visiting some blogs via the link parties and one blogger was mentioning that she did not have much in the way of family things because her mother was not a saver. I can sure identify with that. My mother did not value anything old. But these little characters were hers and they go with some I have. She took them to the retirement community she lived in for her last several years so I was able to salvage them when she passed. This is there first visit to this shelf. I think it is a good fit.

This little marble table/stand is under the shelf. It came from my in-laws. They were always making things out of other things and this is one of their creations. My MIL loved this piece of marble -- with its bold colour. I like it too, it just needs to go in a safe place out of traffic because running into those marble corners leaves big bruises!

Since the tree goes by the front door in the dining room, the dining room gets is the main Christmas area. This is on the other side of the room. Don't you love the braided tree skirt? It came from Gooseberry Patch when they still had their catalog of stuff other than cookbooks. I wish they still did as they had so many cute things. It seems like an odd choice in the age of the internet recipe that you would make your business model only cookbooks. But what do I know? Anyway, I think the little tree skirt will stay out and become a table mat somewhere all year.

Also in the dining room, another little shelf.

The top of one of the cabinets Mr THQ built. This is a new little vignette. Both those sleds have been thrifted. They both would have been red but we ran out of red spray paint and it was so old we couldn't match the colour. So one became green. A lucky accident because they look good together paired in the traditional Christmas colours I think. And yes, I should have traded out that quilt for a Christmas one, but didn't think of it until everything was finished and the thought of one more trip of the ladder was a definite non-starter!

The other cabinet he built that sits in the corner of the dining room. Mr THQ gave me the little Coke crate wagon a few Christmas's ago and it is a favourite.

At last we move into the dining room table. I have noticed that lots of the bloggers on the link parties set their table for the holiday meal and then take that picture. I love to set the table so maybe I should do that. But I also love my box, my H O M E blocks, and my little fence. so it is hard to pass up making a new vignette for the table.

I have a baker's rack in the dining area of the kitchen that I don't usually take pics of because it is in front of a window and most of them come out very badly. In fact, the one I took of the higher shelves is just shadows. But this one of the bottom is okay. I changed this up a bit from normal. See that little chest? I was a doll clothes chest from when I was a kid. One of the few things I have. I refinished it years ago. It holds recipe clippings, coupons, little things like that now.

Over the cabinets in the eating area. I really love this little tree. It is really the top from a long gone artificial tree. I like my little gingerbread baking corner, too, although I think next year I will expand it further across the top -- maybe both corners.

Another little tree. Most of the ornaments came from my LQS a nubmer of years back. They all have an old fashioned look to me.

And for the finale a couple of shots of the tree. I took these pics on a really cloudy day because that is all we had for a while, so they are a little dark. I love to fill my tree with lots of things, many hand made (some even hand made by me). Basically no traditional Christmas balls. I like it to be really full, too. but no "kissies." This view is coming down the hall from the laundry room and garage, taken from the kitchen door.

This view is a bit brighter. It's the view from the front door. It is the "front" of the tree to me so it is the side with my favourite ornaments.

Well, that's the tour. Here is the part where I make all the normal promises about getting back to posting on a regular basis. And I mean it, too. Really. The intentions are good. Now maybe the reality will match.

Merry Christmas.