Sunday, April 12, 2009

Gone missing

Well, it seems that way now, doesn't it? It's always nice when a work trip can turn into a vacation and that's exactly what happened. While I was gone I took my sewing machine to be oiled and tuned so I have been working on things that do not require sewing.

See what's in that box? That is a fabric chain I made many many years ago. For almost as many years I have been intending to make more of it. And now I have.

These were alot easier to make than the originals because now I own a pinking rotary cutter. I bought it a few years ago thinking of this particular project. Anyway, these are easy to make. Just fuse two layers of Christmas-sy fabric together with no sew fusible web and use the rotary cutter to make strips.

It does make a bit of a mess though. I have little triangular bits all over the sewing room now. And since they are seem to have a static charge they got all over the rest of the house too.

Anyway, look at this nice selection of assorted colours of pinked strips. Last step is to staple them together just like making a construction paper chain. The original was stapled together with a Little Tot stapler. Don't know where that little thing got to so I had to use regular size staples. That makes for a bit more overlap than the original so I should have cut these a bit longer than the originals. But no one will notice that these are a bit rounder and less oval than the original, will they?

So here is the original one next to the new one. The original is very green. That's because it was made in the '70's and there was not alot of cotton fabric, Christmas or otherwise, available. Remember the bad old days when you had to hunt and hunt for 100% small print fabrics? So next Christmas I will see if I have enough now or if making more will still be on my list of things to do. Oh, and this was a March finish, too, barely, but it was.


  1. I love your chain. What a great idea to do. I'll have to remember that for when I get moved. I think my sister would even love making one of these with me.

  2. I love the look of the chain, but what do you plan on doing with it??