Sunday, October 11, 2009

October will not be a productive month

that is for sure. So here it is and it will have to do. Another cross stitch piece that has been around for a while awaiting completion. I think it was supposed to have a verse inside but the pattern has certainly long vanished. So I tried out the heart yo-yo maker. Not quite symmetrical but not too bad either. And I tried out a bit of embellishemnt -- little rose buds and buttons.

Not really my thing but I think it came out okay and it goes nicely in the bathroom off my sewing room. It is all pink and green -- just about the only pastelish place in my house. That's because the shower curtain is a pink and green log cabin quilt I made for my mom years ago that came back when she passed. And I have started some new things. For fall. Most likely it will not be finished until at least next fall. Or maybe the one after that. Love the way this block came out.

The real stumbling block you see, is that it is past time to get some pinning done. My old wooden laundry dryer that holds finished tops is overflowing and yet getting motivated to get the basting done seems not to be happening.

Plus, (warning, excuse coming) I have been wanting a desk in my sewing room for a long time for my computer. Everytime we go thrifting I look. And last weekend we finally found one. In the as-is room at Salvation Army for only $5! It doesn't even need too much work -- tightening up and Old Englishing.

But it necessitates significant rearranging in the sewing room. Well, not so much rearranging as finding new ways of storing things because it will take the place of a low chest of drawers inherited from my MIL. And that chest of drawers stores all my wool and also upholstery fabric remnants that have been accumulated over the years for pillow making purposes.

So while the Old English dries, and I hope, doesn't collect too much Pixie hair, I must get to work...

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