Sunday, March 14, 2010

Where have I been?

Well, I have been lost in one of my favourite places -- my scrap bin. And after this foray it even closes!!! You do believe me, don't you? It's actually kind of amazing to me that when I work on scrap quilts I work pretty much randomly and just pull pieces that are big enough out and use them. Just about the opposite technique from when I am working on a non scrap quilt. Then virtually every piece of fabric is planned and matched. So maybe I like to make scrap quilts because they are a break from my normal control freakiness? Dime store psychology -- what do you think!??
So what is this pile you ask? It is sort of Chunky Churndash from Bonnie at Quiltville.
I mostly considered these blocks 2 colour blocks. Background and churndash. Well, except for the center square. I just cut a bunch of those out of light fabrics and pretty much chose them at random. In general, unlike many of the blocks on Bonnie's quilt my corners and sides of each churndash are the same fabric. Except for the occasions when I was short a piece and just subbed something similar -- more like old timey quilts, right? Making do.
Anyway, I cut away for while and then sewed for a while and ended up with 59 blocks. In her quilt Bonnie used 61 plus hourglass blocks in between. I was thinking of not using the hourglass blocks so I made 5 more blocks thinking I could make the quilt 8 blocks x 8 blocks. They are 6" finished blocks so with borders that would make a nice sized lap quilt. I am still rethinking the hourglass blocks, though, because I really like the way they make the churndash blocks look like they are set on point.
The other place I have been is shopping. I recently turned 60 and Mr THQ gave me 3 gift cards worth $60 each to my favourite places -- the local quilt shop, Joann's, and Craft Warehouse. Then my group at work threw a surprise '60's themed bday party for me that included a $100 Joann's gift card. I need to take my camera to work and take a picture of my office now. They all wore tie dye shirts (and there was one for me), wigs, bandanas, John Lennon tiny coloured glasses, and were carrying colourful picket signs. I hung them all on over my office. Wait until you see them! It was a fantastic surprise and lot's of fun. Makes it almost okay to get this old. Almost.
Anyway, I had to start using those gift cards, now didn't I? I have been kind of looking for stencils or letter patterns that I liked and I found these punch outs. I think if I reverse them on my light box I can get a good tracing.
What do I need them for? Well, for the letters for this tabletopper that Kim shared instructions for last fall. I finished the top except for the words. I want kind of funky mismatched letters and I think this method will work. We will see. First there is lots of punching out ahead of me. Kim has been away from blogging for a bit due to an injury. I really miss her and hope she can return soon. At the rate I am going she will be all well and back before I ever get this top done.
What else have I bought? Well, thinking of the churndash quilt I was looking around for borders, or maybe hourglasses and this caught my eye. On sale for only $2.99 a yard. It just had to come home with me. Isn't it cute?!! It will be just right for something, I know it will. So much for trying not to add to stash. Well, I had encoragement to shop don't you know?
Oh, and here is another purchase. I don't see this magazine too often. Once I thumbed through this issue though I had to have it.
Why do you ask, well,look at this house quilt! One look and I just had to make it. I have already pulled browns and blacks from the scrap bin. I love houses and buttons, and this has both. Does that ever happen to you? You look at something, and it is love at first sight. Just. have. to. I love it when this happens, get kind of glum when it doesn't for a while, and guess this is how I end up with so many things in so many stages.
And last but not least, look at how cute this wool runner is. I love how colourful and graphic it is. Even though I don't do alot of wool things, this is one I need to do for sure.

Well, thanks for bearing with my radio silence. I promise to return sooner rather than later!


  1. I love the pattern for the house quilt & the pineapple wool runner! Hurry & get them made.

    I started to make a few of those chunky churn dash blocks quite a while back. I wonder why I stopped.

  2. Yes, I think that's the way I end up with so many starts as well..just HAVE to make this one and that one, and and and. So I'm right there with ya!

  3. Hey,if you check my blog from a couple of days ago you will see that I bought this same magazine for the exact same reason!! LOve that little house quilt!! Great minds think a like!! ;O)

  4. Love your scrappy blocks! Happy (late) Birthday!!!