Sunday, October 3, 2010

Getting around to Sisters

Hard to believe it was almost 3 months ago now. Hard to believe it has been almost a month since I posted. I have no excuse. Well, I do have an excuse for last Sunday, my usual posting day. I was sitting in an airplane all afternoon not getting home from a visit with the grandkids.

Well, obviously, I finally did get home. After running through airports. Then of course my suitcase didn't run, so it didn't make it. Funny how you pack favourite things when you go on a trip and then when your bag doesn't show up you wish you had packed things you don't like much. But my bag finally showed up so I have my favourite things back again. And I did have a good time.

Anyway, back to Sisters. Mr THQ has gotten the first batch of pics off his camera so I have some to share. First up, proof positive that we were really there. Isn't this the classic shot of the Sisters show? Main Street bedecked with quilts.
These are what are called in the biz, "ambiance" pics. We went really early so it wasn't super duper crowded. Still hard to get a good shot sometimes without part of someone in it.
This was actually the first quilt we walked up to. Entered in the youth group. I absolutely love, love, love this quilt. And made by a young girl. Really impressive. I love everything about it but especially the colours. I guess I should warn you I was in a bright colour mood that day so you will see lots of bright quilts.
Here's one of those that I wonder about later. Maybe those big white snowballs looked better in person. I do like the little square border, though. Looks kind of like a filmstrip.
I'm having my customary difficulty tonight getting the pics in order. You will just have to put up with me. It's too hard to fix them especially since my head is stuffy from allergies. Funny day today, the fall allergies hit with a vengeance during our morning bike ride yet for supper we had local fresh corn on the cob. Weird weather this year.
Anyway, back to the quilts. Another ambiance shot. You know, I always thought that all the buildings in Sisters were old but they are not. They have all been built to look like an old western town, though. Guess when I just saw pictures I was fooled. Hmmm. Guess that's the point, now isn't it?
I warned you about the brights. Gotta love the wonky star. I have made only one quilt with wonky stars and I thought it was really hard to do. It usually is that way. Controlled chaos is always harder than regimented and orderly. Interesting, too, with the white background. I notice on lots of contemporary quilting blogs that solids are very popular, especially white. I do like it but am really a cream/ecru kind of person. Besides if I ever wear white I seem to become a dirt magnet. I would think a quilt would get dirty easily, too.
Here is a close up of a pretty cool basket quilt. I like the way the baskets are made of strips. I also love the sashing that is squares set on point. Looks like lots of work but it is really effective.
You can't tell from the picture but those this one was beaded beautifully. It really did glisten and shine in the sun.
I love this one, too. More bright colours. I love, love, love the big dots. And the little dots. You will see some close ups of this one below. Out of order, of course.
Here is a full view of the basket quilt. Interesting how the square on point sashing is mixed in with a big print sashing. I am not sure I had noticed that until I was looking at the pictures tonight.
Here is a nice way to use special squares. I like the hearts, too. And the turquoise sashing.
We were walking around Sisters as they were hanging them up and it was interesting to see that the clotheslines stay up permanently. As they hang the quilts they wipe the dust and grime off them (good thing) and add new clothespins. That's a good idea. Otherwise it could take a long time to get everything hung. It is absolutely amazing how quickly they get everything hung!
Here are a few closeups of the quilt with the dots. Okay, one here and more later. I told you I was having trouble with the order of the pics. Lately I have been totally loving lime green and this quilt has plenty of that in it.
A bullseye quilt. Always a favourite of mine. I have made several. This one has nice colours and I like the pieced borders. Cream and ecru! What do you think of that?
See, the reason there are so many shots of the border of this quilt is that the quilter used all her fancy rarely used zig zag stitches in lots of colours. I think this is probably the best view of it. Isn't that a clever idea? I need to remember to try it.
Close up of the bullseye quilt. You can just see here that there are buttons in the centers. Since I saw this one I have also seen them with yoyos in the centers. I like the buttons better. Because I am a poor yoyo maker. I mean I make yoyos poorly, even with the yoyo maker thingies.
I love log cabins. When I first started quilting I didn't like them at all. Isn't that funny? I like how dramatic the light/dark stripes are and think it looks great setting off the center.
Here is a sort of sampler. I really like all the different elements. I don't think I would ever have put all these things together but it looks great. Lots of work on that center panel. Phew.
More bright colours. This looks like a totally scrappy endeavor. I wish all my scraps looked this good.
There were lots of house quilts at the show and I am a sucker for them. This one is a little different. Hmm, more bright colours, huh? I like it with the black. And I like the little checked sashing. Little checks to rectangles, etc. Nice.
Close up.
Extreme close up.
Here is another house quilt. This one is like log cabins and houses all put together. And I like the border on this one, too. I hope I remember some of these border treatments.
Here is the whole thing. Kind of an Amish sense to it, too, don't you think?
More wonky stars. This time with plaids. Good combo. These are normally my kind of colours. Wow, it looks nice on that blue building, doesn't it?
Well, I've come to the end of today's pictures. This was outside a shop selling lots of quilts. It looked like a temporary shop that was in business just to catch all us quilt lovers. Probably a good business plan! I like the hanging stand. You know I am always looking for ways to hang quilts. And since Mr THQ was with me now he knows how to build one just like it.
Hope you enjoyed the show. There will be more to come. It was a fun day and we took lots of pictures. And I promise not to let a month go by before my next post. It's hard to believe that much time went by. Sure goes fast!

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  1. I have never gone to the Sister's Quilt Show. Your pictures were lovely and gave me the feeling of being there! This is my first visit to your blog and I am enjoying it. Thanks!