Friday, November 5, 2010

Remember Sisters?

Only 4 months ago, right? Well, more pics have magically appeared from Mr THQ's camera so let's have a look.

You know I love houses but this one also has those great stars in the border. Love, Love it. And the blues (yeah, I am going to say something good about blue) really set this off, don't you think? Another view. I also love the little checkerboard borders around some of the block. Oh, yeah, super scrappy.
I have this pattern. Have had it for years and years. This is the first time I have seen it made up now I will have to go dig out the pattern. It's one of those oversize ones so it is not with my regular patterns. It's in a "special" place. You know what that means -- the big honey hunt is on.

Not only is this a nice log cabin, but don't you love the venue?
Great ladies. Love the aprons. And the flowers in the sashing and borders.
More ladies. I have seen this pattern made up before. Usually in more primitive colours.
Okay, several views of one that I am absolutely crazy about. Don't you love it? I had Mr THQ take enough pictures to get every bit of it. I think I remember that it was done in a class according to the information the quilt. I hunted for it everywhere and could find nothing. So sad.

I think I had read somewhere about the car. Here it is.
Nice colours on this one, don't you think? Pretty.
If you remember, I was really liking the bright quilts. This one is really interesting colours, too, don't you think? I really like the backgrounds, too. Interesting.
Another bright one. The black background on this one really sets off the colours. I like the big applique pieces, too. I even like the birds. Just kind of perched on the flowers. And usually I don't care so much for the birds.
Another bright one. Really abstract.
This one is different from the others we have just been looking at. Look at all that neutral background! You can guess what I like about this one, can't you? The houses, of course.
Partridge in a pear tree. Just in time for Christmas. I think I have seen this pattern before, too. This is nice.
Back to the brights.
More of the street scene. Remember we got there really early so we were able to take pictures of the quilts from a distance with only a few folks in the way. Later on in the day it was almost impossible to take pictures like this. And in some places it was hard to even walk!
This one seems nice and sparkly. Maybe that's why I wanted a picture. Blue and yellow are not my thing. And snails' trail isn't either. But I like this one. Does it seem sparkly to you? Or am I just rationalizing my liking something I usually would not like?
Lots of stars. Gotta love this one. Nice sort of autumnal colours, too. I like all the different kinds of stars and all the different sizes.
So, what do you think? Worth waiting for I say. And there are more hidden away on that camera. So we have more to look forward to. Just don't know how long we will be waiting!

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  1. Wow! Many that I like. All the house quilts just because I like house quilts. And the basket quilt and the garden ladies. Thanks for sharing.