Saturday, April 16, 2011

One thing that happens

when you post quilt show pics in multiple erratic posts is you can't remember what was already posted. I have to keep looking back at the last post. Oh, well, a small thing. Here we are back at the Twin Falls show, I thought this was a really unique basket quilt. I guess I should have taken pictures of all the baskets but I only took a few favourites.
I love the flag as basket on this block.
And I like sunflowers. Isn't it funny how things go in and out of style. I remember when it was mushrooms. Geese, owls, all kinds of things have been the thing. Recently it seems to be butterflies. Oh, and crows. Like right here.
I haven't the slightest idea why I took a picture of the middle of this quilt only. Maybe because I thought it was a great use of scraps.
This one is just plain cute.
This one is simple -- I see this bordered square everywhere especially on the "modern" blogs. This was Sandy Gervais fabric from last Christmas or maybe the Christmas before. Since I am currently over attracted to lime green I liked the quilt. I don't own this fabric though so it must have been readily available before my lime green crush.
Here is another that is just plain cute. And unusual to find a really cute little boy quilt. And it isn't cars or trucks or construction equipment!
Here is another mystery photo.
This is just not a quilt I would ever make. Maybe it was the use of the sampler squares as the border around the center medallion. Maybe it looked much different in person. In the pic the background colours go a little funny to me -- too many grayish ones perhaps? This quilter did a lot of work for this quilt, that's for sure. The center medallion has tons of pieces. And then to add applique on top of that! Although I don't own much in the way of thirties fabric I find I am always drawn to quilts made with them at shows. Maybe I should rethink my non use of them. This has to do I am sure with my split colour personality. Do you have one of those? On the one hand I love the dark primitive colours and on the other I love the clear crayon colours. They are not really reconcilable colour palettes.
Here is the whole quilt that basket is from. I like the long rectangular baskets and I really like the squared off flowers. It is just a very happy quilt. Interesting sashing treatment don't you think? You don't see alot of quilts where the sashing crosses like that. I have made one or two. It is not my favourite way to do it. But I do like the yellow colour here.
None of my comments are meant to cast negative aspersions on the quilts or quilters. I was rereading this and realized I perhaps sounded too negative. Everyone likes different things and has a different eye. And that is a good thing! I love looking at quilts whether they are to my taste or not and appreciate every quilter who has the nerve to put her quilt in a show for others to see!

I had a question from a commenter whose email address was invisible to me. The Christmas quilt in the last post is in the book "Tis the Season" by Jeanne Large & Shelley Wicks. I still haven't pulled the greens as I am knee deep in another project. Till next time.


  1. I love basket quilts and the ones you shared today caught my eye immediately. The scrappy quilt is a very good quilt too.