Sunday, August 14, 2011

I took a lot of pictures at the Boise show,

now, didn't I? Are you tired of them yet? I hope not. I just need to increase my posting frequency to get them all up.

You might not be able to tell but this is one of those picture tapestries that was incorporated into a quilt. Really cool. Hard to tell in the pics but what a great idea! Especially for those of us who are not applique stars.

I thought this was really a nice quilt. Some details and then the entire thing. I like the colour choices. I even like the butterflies although I am not generally a butterfly fan.

Look at this bottom row. Cute, cute, cute.

And houses, too. I have never made a row by row quilt. I don't know why. I generally like them.

Okay, here is the whole thing.

How about this red work one? It has houses and you know I am a sucker for houses. Oh, chickens, too. I just noticed.

Not sure why I have this photo. Probably because it is a simple scrappy block.

Bright sampler. I really like a couple of the blocks.

I have this pattern, have made the backgrounds, and collected the oranges. I love all of it but the top row. Time to haul it out and make it. I can omit the top row, right? I think I don't like it because it's pretty traditional and the rest of the blocks are a bit whimsical and I love whimsical.

Favourite block, bright colours. What's not to like?

This was the featured quilter. She also owns a shop in a town an hour or so away. She does a lot with folded log cabin. I love the way they look and she sells kits but they are pretty spendy. Need to get to her shop. Her booths are always great at shows. First up is this flag. Really cool I think.

Houses -- at the beach.

I adore this one with the hearts. I love the colours. It was one of those spendy kits. Didn't come home with me.

Another of hers.

More patriotic. I have seen something similar to this in a magazine I think.

Here is a closer view of the center. I always like it when other people use backgrounds that are kind of busy but I never like it when I do it. Weird, huh?

This was last year's raffle quilt but done in different colours. There was one at the Kuna show that you will eventually see, too. I guess I just really like this quilt as I take pics of it every time I see it no matter what the colour way. It's the sunflowers I guess.

I like these tied flower bundles, too. I just could never do the applique even with blanket stitch and fusible. There is so much and so much that is small.

Gotta love the birdhouses.

Well, still more to go but I didn't want to load up too many pics. I will truly try to be back sooner. Just so much to do!


  1. What beautiful and amazing quilts! Thanks for sharing the show :)

  2. So glad you shared the last quilt, Prim Garden. I have it stored away, collected the blocks as a BOM. I am scared to start it, will have to practice my skills so the fabrics are not ruined. It is so pretty.