Monday, September 28, 2009

Winner! And some fall decorating at last

Well, as promised, this was a really EASY giveaway to win. While I had a record number of comments, it was still a small group -- 6. So I made 6 tiny little pieces of paper with names on them and drew a winner -- Loralynn from My Art and My So Called Life. Please send me your address and I will get the package off to you. And I am hopeful you can make it look great where ever you decide to put it!

Meanwhile, I have been doing fall decorating with things I can manage! I like to do plain fall in September, Halloween in October, and Thanksgiving in November so this is plain vanilla fall for the most part. I saw a quilt on Nancynoblogblogs last year and fell in love with it. I realized I had one of the panels and made this small version to fit on the wall over my pantry. I even love my version.And here is the dining room table ready for fall. We found the little wooden crows thrifting a few months back and this seemed the perfect time to use them. The cranberry bowl is a new (yes, really new) purchase from Art in the Park which is a huge affair put on every year by the Boise Art Museum. It has the alphabet around the rim. It's funny because I don't usually pay much attention to the pottery booths but for some reason, walked into this one and found the only bowl like this. Karma. The runner is a couple of years old. It was a kit I picked up at the Utah show a few years ago from Whimsy Cottage, a great shop that used to be in Heber City. It closed but has been reborn somewhere in SLC. I just haven't had time to get down there to hunt for it.
This is a new shelf that Mr THQ painted and put up for me. I had to move the houses from their normal perch for a new thrifted purchase that I will share in a sec and the light coloured berries looked perfect on the pegs.
Here is a little more of that ivory berry stuff. I like it here, too.
Time to bring out the autumn bear.
Sunflower runner bought on sale from Gooseberry Patch last year and another stolen idea. This time from Kim at Kim's Big Quilting Adventure. That would be the Thimbleberries' Autumn book. If you haven't seen that book, it has some great pictures. Really inspiring. Mr THQ laughed out loud at the pumpkin hat on the other bear. And I thought it was cute.
Apples for fall
And updating the entry bench for fall with one of my favourite fall quilts and MS Pumpkin doll.
Sorry for how dark this one is. It suddenly got quite cloudy this afternoon. In fact, the weather report says frost at a minimum on Wednesday and snow in the mountains! Anyway, this is the shelf where the houses used to live. At Salvation Army one day they had a half off sale on orange tags and we found an orange tag on a big sack of wooden bits. When Mr THQ finished emptying the sack, this entire train emerged. I love all the different woods. There were other great things in the sack too, but this was the absolute best. And all for 5 bucks!
More apples for fall. Leaf bowl also on sale from Gooseberry Patch off season. Hmmm. I am noticing a theme here...
My mantel. You've already seen the scarecrow cross stitch. And, ta da, my primary garland success. This is where I tried to use the giveaway and failed dismally. But I am okay with this. More sunflowers. I LOVE sunflowers. Bet you could tell. Funny, this was a spoon holder that came from a pottery booth at Art in the Park quite a few years back. Maybe I look at the pottery booths more than I think I do....
And I love this floral bunch. There is a super-duper primitive store in town that I rarely visit because it is so spendy but I did and this is what I came home with. The pumpkin dish towel is a favourite of mine as well.
And I have been sewing a bit. I have to take back all my bad mouthing of pre-cuts, well, at least charm packs, because I love, love, love this. It is two charm packs, one Bound to the Prairie and one Bound to the Prairie 2. It is a Schnibbles pattern. I missed the sign ups for 12 months of Schibbles so decided to do my own. Don't you just love it too? Now, to get it pinned and quilted.
See you next time.


  1. Wow! What a lot of wonderful pictures! I love your new little quilty above your pantry! You had me checking above my pantry door to see if there is enough room for something. Maybe, if it's small...and shaped more like a table runner...hmmm, you've got me thinking! I can't believe there were only 6 people who signed up for your giveaway! Not that I'm complaining!!! Thank you so much again!

  2. I like to see how people decorate. I do not have a lot of decorations because I do not have many surfaces on which to put them. I mainly stick to wallhangings or table toppers. And I have to be careful with the table toppers and not love them because I live with a terribly clumsy slob.

  3. I like the rug with the chair. I thought it was a quilt until I enlarged the photo for a close up look.
    Your Schnibble quilt is one I would like for myself. I just need someone to give me more time.

  4. Wow!! You have so many wonderful quilts. I love how you decorated for fall. Your place is beautiful. I love the Schnibbles top you made it looks wonderful. Thanks for sharing with us.

  5. Wow..I'm so glad I didn't miss out on seeing this wonderful photos of decor and quilts! Each one simply wonderful and so me! That little Schnibbles it new? I have a quilt on the frame that is like your log cabin one!