Monday, January 25, 2010


This past weekend was not the greatest sewing weekend I've ever had. It certainly seems that I spent a lot more time with this: which surely is the BESTEST seam ripper on the face of the earth....

than this:
Everything I did was wrong. Ever have those kinds of days? No matter what I did it was wrong, and sometimes wrong twice. Don't you hate it when you sew something, unsew it, and then do it wrong EXACTLY THE SAME WRONG WAY AGAIN!!!!!
I finished assembling the blocks for the Primrose Inn quilt. Look at all the squares -- and lots of opportunity to put them together i n c o r r e c t l y. Need I say more? Amazingly I managed to get them all together by the end of the weekend. Phew.

And actually the squares were a breeze compared to the triangles for this little baby. Look how innocently it is sitting there auditioning border fabrics. Don't let it fool you. I am actually shocked that one of those corner yellow blocks still exists as it was resewn so many times. I decided I wanted to put these blocks on point. No problem, I thought, I have a chart with the measurements for the setting and corner triangles. But somehow I managed to miss the sentence that said to cut the side triangles in half diagonally TWICE.
So, sew, sew, sew. Hmmm. Corner blocks seem to be too small. The chart must be wrong. (Isn't it amazing how easily we can fool ourselves into just KNOWING that the mistake is someone else's???) So I made a guestimate and cut bigger ones. Hmmm. Way too much triangle -- out of proportion to the blocks. So, read the directions again, and there it is, big as life, cut twice. So unsew all that is together and cut those suckers in half again, and, at last, here we go. And I thought I had too much of that border fabric. Hah!!
So, anyway, I really liked the light peach check on the right of this picture. I thought it might "countrify" the bright colours. And, it was not really as washed out as it appears. Mr THQ vehemently voted for the brighter orange. So I went with it and, what do you know? He was right!
I used to not show tops and wait until things were quilted but the way things have been going lately I better show what I can when I can.
A success, so it was time to go for more. Set out all the blocks for this quilt. After more than 30 minutes I still could NOT find any lay out that would prevent like fabrics from touching. I finally gave up and just started sewing them together.
So, how does it happen that between the floor and the sewing machine the blocks get all mixed up? Does that happen to you? I figure it's like the law of coils. You know that one, don't you? You carefully coil up a garden hose, or a long extension cord, put it away carefully, and the next time you go to use it the whole thing is all tangled up in knots. And it does this! There must be a law of quilt blocks that works the same way.
Anyway, since I couldn't find the perfect layout, I just went for it and finished putting the blocks together. Now the question is, border or no border, and if so, what shall it be?
Oh, well, enough of my tale of woe. It's almost enough to make me glad to go back to work on Monday. Well, not quite.....


  1. love the little citrus punch quilt! I can relate to the from the floor/wall to the sewing machine. I've come up with the perfect layout, only to have it magically disappear after being sewn, even when I'm only taking 2 pieces to the machine at once! But, I'm not much of an "un-sewer" so, things tend to stay the way they end up

  2. Oh, I have sewing days like this where I undo and redo the mistakes...not so good, lol, but there are days when our errors lead us to a good thing, like changing up this border for citrus. I do love Clover brand sewing tools.