Sunday, January 17, 2010

Quilters ADD and a winner!

Well, as fitting for a post with this title, expect to jump all over the place! But I won't make you hang on until the end just to find out the winne of my blogiversary giveaway. Let's get that out of the way up front. Easy to make little paper numbers to draw when there arre only six entries, and despite her assumption that number one is never the winner, this time number one is indeed the winner! Paulette, if you will email me your address I will get those patterns off to you right away. I hope you enjoy them!

So, what have I been up to you might ask? Everything. Ever since I got into the fat quarters I keep getting in deeper and deeper. First I was searching through the fat quarters to find the right ones for patterns in the "Laps From Fats" book series; now I am just playing with fat quarters for their own sake I think. Just look at some of the combinations I have come up with. So I have come full circle. Now I am looking for patterns to go with my fat quarter combinations.

Love this navy with rust flowers. I think it is an old Thimbleberries fabric. Here are some nice rusts to go with it. Now I just need to pull some browns and greens and figure out what nice fallish thing to make. At least there is plenty of time before fall comes around again! How about this? At least it is more seasonal. I have had that little pink bunny toile fat quarter for years and years. I was always going to use it with pink solids but just look at that stripe with it! That came in a citrus-y fat quarter stack I acquired fairly recently that you will see further down in this post. This stripe looks really good with the bunnies and will let me add in some chartreuse (my current favourite colour) and purple to my bunnies. Cool. Now, what should it be?
Ahh, isn't this a nice combination? That bottom one on the far right is the background for a "Laps From Fats" pattern and all these will go with it. It's kind of a churn dash/through the barn door pattern, a favourite of mine. Love that dark rosey gingham. Looks like there's some Pat Sloan and Fig Tree in there, too.
Okay, how about this one? Again, I have been aging that lemon black and white stripe fabric for-ever. I have actually had it paired with the yellow and black dotted fabric for awhile. Time to add a little more to it. I think this will make some nice Ohio stars with the lemon fabric as the centers and the black, yellow, and greens as the star points.
These just kind of got plopped together and I love the white with aqua and red with aqua together. Not quite so sure about the roses in the foreground. I have quite a bit of the first two fabrics so I should be able to come up with something good for it. I've been seeing lots of aqua and red around in blogland recently.
I subscribe to this magazine. And it still exists. Unlike "Mary Engelbreit's Home Companion" and "Country Home". Sad. Oh, and Gourmet. Not quite so sad as I only read Gourmet in the dentist's office, on airplanes, and such, as it was a bit, well, gourmet, for me. Anyway, seems like so many magazines have ceased to exist recently. Although, have you noticed that the survivors are offering great deals for subscriptions? Desperate to get their circulation numbers up I guess. Cheap enough that you would only have to buy one or two issues a year to cover the entire year or more. I got offers too good to refuse for "Martha Stewart Living" with "Everyday Food" thrown in, and for "Country Living".
Oh, well, I digress. Again. I loved this cover quilt, and wouldn't you know, there's lots of red and white and red and cream in the fat quarter bins. Can hardly wait to do this one. Glad it's not too Valentine's Day-ish as it probably will barely be started by Valentine's Day.
Recently I was in one of the LQS I don't visit too often and they had a display quilt I fell in love with. It was a free pattern from Moda. So I went to the Moda site and printed it out along with this one from Blackbird Designs. Guess which one I have already cut and started? Not the one I fell in love with, no, not me. This other one. I had just the right background to go with just the right fat quarters in the stack. Kind of bright pastels. I already have a few blocks of this one finished.
As promised, the citrus-y ones. I found the other colourway yardage just about the time Kim showed her Valentine's table topper, and somehow everything got smooshed together in my mind, with these blocks as the result. They haven't been trimmed down yet and I haven't decided if I will use Kim's layout or do some sashing with the yardage, but the blocks are finished.
And, yes, my sewing table and sewing room are a capital M mess right now, how did you guess? I have just been working a bit on all of these things. Progress has been made, though. Remember the 9 patches from the last post? Here is the next step -- bigger 9 patches. Just need to sew them all together. I like these colours, too.
It's funny, the 9 patches will end up being 12 of the smaller blocks across and 12 down. But sewing them into the bigger 9 patches seemed to go really fast. On the other hand, sewing all the blocks together for the floral quilt seemed really tedious. It's really only 13 blocks by 13 blocks, so it shouldn't have seemed such slow going but it sure did.
And really and truly the reason I am in the middle of so many things is that I like to chain sew and I want every item to be meaningful. I started out sewing the floral blocks together from both ends to the middle but that gets all tangled up really quickly, so I started alternating between it's blocks and putting together blocks for other projects. See, makes perfect sense, now doesn't it? And makes the quilters ADD look a little less serious. Maybe...
I am truly amazed at how much I like this quilt now that it is all together. It is pretty big -- I finally looked at the pattern and it says 65 X 65. So, another top onto the "ready to be layered and quilted" rack. I really need to get busy on that rack as I am not sure it will hold too much more. Soon, soon...


  1. Hello!!
    Whoooppeee-tteee-dooooo!! I won!!! Can't believe it!! Thank you so much!! There goes the theory that number one isn't lucky!! If you email me then I can send you my mailing address without announcing to the world where I live! ;o) thanks again!!

  2. Congrats once again to Paulette!!
    You've got some great fabric combinations together of fabrics. I especially love the scrappy last quilt

  3. I love all your quilts and colour combinations! And your piecing method makes perfect sense - I always wish I was organized enough to be able to have two projects ready to go at the same time, but I'm so anxious to get started after I do the cutting, that I just dive in!