Saturday, June 19, 2010

I would have been back sooner but

we have had trouble with our internet lately and of course on Sunday when I usually post. Add to the internet woes a huge work project with a tight deadline and whoa, another week has almost gone by.

I know I promised to take pics if I made it to The Country Loft. Well, I did make it, but my camera was left behind in my computer bag. So you will have to make do with pics of what I bought. I have to say, I was pretty reserved in my purchasing. Perhaps that was because my ride was a non quilter so I didn't have as much time as I would have had I been by myself or with a quilter.

Anyway, on with the show. Here is my first purchase. Star twill tape. Don't you love it? I do.
Except, ahem, I loved these twill tapes, too. They came from Gooseberry Patch a few years ago and I love them, indeed I do, just haven't figured out what to do with them.

I didn't buy any fabric. Remember I was short on time. And my suitcase was already pretty full because I was teaching my class and my props are kind of bulky. Here is the first pattern. How can one resist Buggy Barn? One can't.

How about this one? The model was so so cute. Hand appliqued. Well, you know I won't be hand appliquing this now don't you? But it will be cute with blanket stitch applique too, I think. It is pretty small -- table topper size.

I have always loved Country Threads, too. They were some of the first patterns I used when I really got into quilting in the early 1990's. You might notice that there is a theme in most of these patterns -- houses. Always a favourite.

The pattern on the right might not look like too much in the picture but they had a sample made hanging over the door of a cabinet and boy oh boy it was cute.

And now I finally have one of those plain brown envelopes from Cheri of my own. They had two versions of this made up. One of them had only one heart. That was the one that really drew me.

Once I got back from San Diego I got back to work on the stashlets. I don't usually show you things twice, but some of these are just so cute I had to share. Because of all the little scrappy squares this one looked a little raggedy when it was just a top. Now it looks really sharp I think.

And this one. For some reason the light sherbet-y orange check binding looks really good with the brights. Well, at least I think it does.
And you already know I love this one. And it is even cuter quilted and bound. I am going to have to get that Cricut out again and make some more circles.

You remember I told you I used to cross stitch all the time, don't you? Well I have been subscribing to this magazine for quite some time. When this issue arrived I fell absolutely positively I love with the cover pattern. Don't you love it?!!?? Time to pull out the floss and the frame. I even love the frame it is shown in. Even though it is blue!

How about that!
Well, quilt show season has arrived in Idaho. Emmett this week, then Boise and Council. Then Mr THQ and I are loading up the bikes and heading to Bend, Oregon for some riding and then to Sisters! Woo hoo. I am really looking forward to it.

Anyway, stay tuned for quilt show pics coming soon.

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