Tuesday, June 29, 2010

There's always a chicken quilt

But I have to say that I just don't get this one. Why oh why? And where do you hang it? Maybe I don't want to know! It's quilt show season in SW Idaho! Let's start with Emmett. And a chicken quilt that is a little more "normal". I chose this little chick because she looks like me and Mr THQ as we wore our tie dye shirts to the show. Doesn't she look tie dyed?
So, let's get started because we have lots of quilts to see. First up. I didn't think I liked this one so much when I was close to it but from a distance it looked really good so I had to give it a second look. What do you think?
Here's a close up. Yeah, better than I originally thought.
I guess there is always a snoman quilt, too. Here you go. Cute.
This one was unlike anything I have seen before. Don't you like how expressive simple half square triangles can be?
This one was a block of the month from a local quilt shop. I really like the colours. I like the way this basket was done also. A little different, don't you think?
Here is the whole thing.

I think this is my favourite block. Love the stripey fabric in the pail. Don't you? I will have to call the shop and see if I can get the pattern. Or at least learn more about it. I like it even though it's pastelly and has blue in it.
I am sure you recognize this one as a Kim Diehl pattern. The quilter used a mix of plaids and prints, not just plaids like in Kim's book. Looks good.
Americana, always a favourite of mine. I didn't notice until I was looking at the picture that there is one block that slmost looks like rank stripes on a sleeve. Do you see it?
Cute little wall hanging. Hmm, pail and watering can. Got kind of a theme going here now, don't I?
Another Kim Diehl pattern. You know she is from Idaho, don't you? Eastern, but still Idaho. She came to our guild a few years ago. I love her stuff although I have not made many of her quilts. She does so much applique.....
Here is a little wool piece. I love the background. It really sets off the red I think. I have been collecting wool. I really need to start using it.
I am not sure why I took pics of this one.
Here is a close up of the center section.
Okay, I am absolutely in love with this one. I have the book this one is in. I bought it a few years ago after seeing this quilt made with a dark tan background and murky primitive colours. Now I love this one even more -- here we go again with those deep pastels. And more blue!
Doesn't it just look terrific? It's those deeper pastels that get me I guess. Really warm and mellow feeling.
And the best part of this one is that it was all done by machine -- machine blanket stitch. You can hardly tell because the thread colour was carefully matched to the applique pieces. OMG, this just has to get made.
As they would say on Monty Python, now for something completely different. I thought as I approached this that it was paper pieced. But it is a folded log cabin. Apparently it was a class at a local shop. And a kit. The kit was available at the show because the shop had a booth there. I love the colours. The black really is a great accent, don't you think?
So are you thinking I bought the kit? No, I did not. After careful consideration I just decided it didn't look like fun to make. Love the border too, though. Look at all those nice parallel lines.
This one is pretty simple but I like the old fashioned look to it.
Here is another pic I have that I am wondering about.
This one was an absolute labour of love I think. It is a Crabapple Hill pattern. You would have recognized it I am sure. The work was exquisite. the colours are great. Oh, my.
Here is an up close of one of the blocks.
And another.
Wow. Well, that's all for today. I know I have been gone, but aren't all these great quilts a super return -- worth waiting for I hope.
I still have photos of the Council show and the Boise show to share, so be on the lookout!


  1. I like the quilt with the bucket on it. Good colors were used on the quilt.

  2. Living in the big city now I miss going to the local quilt shows, I haven't been to one in over two years, Emmet has a lot of quilters. I especially like the house quilt too.