Monday, July 5, 2010

%#*%)(*)!@@ chip sealing!

Both of our favourite bike ride routes are in the midst of chip sealing. Grrr. For those of you who do not know what chip sealing is, it is a process where gravel is spread all over the road and left there for cars to run over and flatten. Then after a week or so the excess is swept off and oil is sprayed all over the gravel. It is messy, dirty, and really bad for bike riding. Oh, well.

Let's move on to something happier. Well, maybe. I have been working on stashlets again. Yes, I know, this is a little too big to really be a stashlet. I have been digging in my boxes of orphan and extra blocks. These all went together nicely but I am afraid I don't like the border at all. It is sitting on my end of the couch waiting for me to unsew. Okay, on to real stashlets. That tan fabric is from Thimbleberries and is really quite old. I have used it in lots of things and still have more left. It is an old favourite.
How about this one? More Thimbleberries fabric. That's what the black and tan holly in the middle block is. Kind of weird colours for holly I guess but I like it. And that black moon and star fabric. I have that in several colours and it is an absolute favourite. It's one of those I will be sorry to see all used up.
How about this one? The red churn dash blocks were left overs and the sailboat fabric was left from a commission quilt I made for a friend's new grand baby boy. I almost didn't add a border because I liked the bright blocks and sashing but the sailboats are nice. Again, a little large for a stashlet. I guess I need a new name for something larger than a stashlet but smaller than a quilt. Quiltette? Quiltling? Quiltkins? Hmm. That naming concept definitely needs some work!
You have probably seen the large quilt that these log cabins are left over from. It is one of my favouites. I think they look good with these borders. That fabric in the first border is the oddest shade of brown. I didn't realize when I bought it how odd it was. It is kind of hard to find something to go with it. Oh, it's a Thimbleberries, too. Wow, I have a real theme going on today, don't I?
I fell in love with this ray gun fabric when I bought it. This is the first time I have used it. It's another one of those love objects that is hard to use. Love is blind, right?
I am not sure what this block came from originally. I don't really care for friendship stars and that is basically what this is. I like this combination, though, and I have some binding cut for this that is from a fat quarter that was in a little bundle. Talk about weird and hard to use colours. It is a greenish yellowish brown. You will have to wait to see it though until this one is done.
My favourite red white and blue again. I am going to use the blue print that makes up the churn dash for the binding. Those giant half square triangles have been hanging around for a long time. And finally found a good home.
Here is some really old fabric. Complements of JoAnn's. From before I started to buy most of my fabric at quilt shops. You know, before I became a quilt fabric snob.
And more of it. I like this one better. All kinds of stars. I love churn dash blocks so much and hadn't realized until recently how similar shoo fly is so suddenly I am making lots of shoo fly blocks, too. You do see the resemblance between them, now don't you?
Funny how that white tone on tone print shows up in the pictures. It is not anywhere near that definitive in person. It almost looks like a chicken wire print here, doesn't it? Hmmm, back to chicken quilts. You know, I have never made one.
I had the lodge-y fat quarter that makes up this sashing buried in the fat quarter boxes. It is a nice shade of golden brown. Toast colour. I love toast colour. One of my favouite shades of tan.
And now for something completely different. Brights. These are left overs from a couple of quilts I made a while back for the grand kids. Two grand kids; two quilts -- just similar enough but not quite the same to be even. Know what I mean? Still more 9 patch variations. You are probably tired of seeing these but I always seem to have 9 patches left over.
One more time.

I had lots of homespun strips left over from a rail fence quilt. They were lots of different widths so I found the most common width and trimmed to that size. Uses them up nicely I think.
So I was watching Jaws yesterday while I was sewing. And one of the lines was "That's some bad hat, Harry". Now you probably knew already that that line was from Jaws. But I don't think I have watched it since the first time I saw it. I am a credit reader and knew that this was always at the end of "House". Now I know where it came from. It's almost as much fun as "Bad Robot" at the end of "Fringe". Did you know that there is a web site called closing Well, I didn't either, but now I do. And that the pictures that go with the verbiage are called "vanity cards"? I need a vanity card, don't you?

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