Sunday, July 11, 2010

Time to head for Council

And the quilt show there. We usually do some riding along the Weiser River Trail along with heading to the show. We rode a new to us part of the trail this year. Part of it is deep in the forest right along the river. A really beautiful ride.
The Council show was a week shorter this year (it is usually 3 weeks long) and had fewer quilts than usual. It is actually amazing that such a small town (like under 1000) can manage to put together a show every year. I only have a few pictures to show you. I know this one looks like it needs to be rotated but really, this is how it was hung, so this is how I left the picture. It's flannel.

This was a block of the month at a McCall shop. There were several versions in the show.
And I have a block by block show of my favourite quilt. For some reason I don't have a shot of the entire thing, but I really liked the different star centers. And the colours. Lately it seems like I have been taken over by a pod person -- I have been really into non primitive and even )shudder) pastel-ly colours.

So, are you ready for the block by block?

I love this one. Heart's are always a favourite of mine. Isn't this a great block? And I even like the blue! See, I told you, a pod person has taken me over.
This is a great block, too. I like the greens and pinks. Cottage-y.
Simple 9 batch in the star center. Oh, yeah, I like the 9 patch corner posts and the striped sashing, too. The plaid in the corner blocks look great here I think.
Pinwheel. I have been making lots of pinwheel blocks lately working on stashlets. They are my current most fun way to use up left over half square triangles.
Another center style. And another great plaid. I think I have mentioned that I have trouble with plaids. I really like them but never seem to be able to find ones I really like. This quilter not only found some great ones but put them to great use.

Okay, this is not my favourite block in the quilt. And you can guess one reason -- blue. But I am just not crazy about the friendship star block. Never have one. Usually I substitute a different block when it is in a pattern. I don't know why it doesn't appeal to me but it just does not. More great plaid though.
This one is great. I told you last time I think how shoo fly has become a favourite block. Some of the blocks have a great stripe, too, instead of plaid. And, oh, you can just see the border print in this pic. I like it, too.
Another different center.
Cute spool variation.
And another really cute one -- a little snow ball flower. There's that plaid again!
Well, that's all for tonight. For some reason blogger keeps giving me page errors instead of loading my pictures. I have Boise show pics for you and, coming soon, Sisters!!!

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