Sunday, August 15, 2010

59 pictures!

That's how many I took at the Kuna quilt show. For me, the bad photographer, that's alot! And no, they are not all in this one post.

There have been some computer changes since my last post. I have an older, slower computer, but we have upgraded our cable modem speed so the uploading of pictures is much faster. But the saving and resizing is much slower. But at least everything is now working!

We have been having quite a few power outages as well and when the power goes off it really makes you realize how utterly dependent you are on having it. There was a fire nearby that affected it, then a traffic accident, and then assorted other outages. One of them killed our DVR so all our recordings went poof! That was what generated the trip to the cable company that resulted in not only a new DVR but the higher speed cable. Kind of a mixed bag over the last few weeks over all.

Enough of other stuff, let's get started on the show. I love this quilt. I love the colours. I cannot imagine ever making one like this because I do NOT do curved seams. Well, I guess I could do a quilt like this with fusible web and blanket stitch applique. That probably would look just fine. This one is kind of interesting. It looks like someone put together lots of leftover blocks and came out with something that worked. Since I have been working with so many left over blocks to make stashlets this large quilt was nice to see.
I almost didn't take a picture of this quilt but then I realized it was a super cool use of machine embroidery so then I did. I have a friend who collects flamingos. Well, she doesn't really, but people seem to think she does and gift her with all kinds of them. She might actually like this.
I like this one because of the black background. Really makes the colours pop!
Oh, oops, got the pictures in the wrong order again. Here is a larger version of the flamingo quilt. I tried to follow Paulette's suggestion about cutting and pasting but the cut doesn't seem to work so you will have to suffer along with me I guess. Anyway, this quilt is also very multi media. Look at all that beading!
You can't tell from the picture but the curvy blue pinwheel pieces are 3 dimensional folded pieces. I like the way all the background pieces are repeated in the same order, too.
I like the colours on this one. Kind of those bright pastels again. I am not a real butterfly fan but I do like the mix of applique and piecing.
Here is a fuller view. Funny I didn't notice that big crease in the middle when I was looking at the quilt in real life. You know you always read that you should refold quilts periodically to prevent this. Guess that is a fact. I just rewash them. Since I like the way they crinkle up after washing I figure another go round in the machines won't hurt them. In fact, they just get better and better to me.
This was actually the very first quilt I saw when I walked into the show. Remember, I always like to go to the left when I enter a show. This one was very striking I think. Again the dark background but this time in a primitive style. I kind of like the thin border around the center medallion, too.
Here is a close up of the center medallion. Nice colours, don't you think? And it even has light blue in it!
Now, I love, love, love this one. The story that went with it said the maker had worked on it over a period of several years. I can certainly see why. There was not pattern or anything listed so I am thinking she must have designed it herself, too. Wait until you see some of the blocks.
Love this one. Of course, it is a fall one so why wouldn't I? Love that the pumpkin stem is really a star. What a cute idea.
And look at this one. Snowman and pumpkins! Cool concept, too, early snow. I like the snowman's hat, too. What's up with that?
Love, love, love this sunflower. I like the way the front petals are curled up. And it looks great on that background fabric.
I like the fabric used for the rabbit. Looks a lot like curly hair.
Cute sailboat. Love the sail fabrics. And have I said how much I love all the plaids and tickings?
And look at the birdhouse!
That's all for today. I can't think of any creative ways to describe how much I love this quilt. Sorry about the week of radio silence. I promise to be back with more Kuna pics soon.


  1. The black background of the one quilt does make the applique stand out. Beautiful!

  2. I'm pretty sure that one at the end was using a lot of Indygo Junction patterns. I think I have a few of those..they were like individual patterns with notecards if I recall correctly.