Sunday, August 22, 2010

Back to the Kuna Quilt Show

You're ready for chapter two, aren't you? Well, I am, so here we go. My own sewing has been dominated by a commission quilt and while I just finished it this afternoon I don't want to share it until I have given it to the commissioner. So more show pics will have to do for now.

I'm not sure what style you would call this first one. It's pieced and appliqued. I love the use of plaids. And I like the star block for the sun and I love the flowers coming up through the holes in the hearts. I could attach alot of symbolism to that notion, but I won't go there... I like the colours in this one. I really like the braided strips between the flower sections. I have never made a braid because I usually see it done as a border and am not real fond of it but I like this use. I also like the way the side flowers are straight on views whereas the center flowers are more side views. Such nice symmetry, don't you think? And rich colours. Come to think of it they are much like those in the commission quilt!

You know, I just noticed that the pots don't seem quite right. Don't you think the rounded one on the side should be the middle one with the more pointy ones being on the sides? Not that I am criticizing. The pots are not identical after all. But that is the kind of thing that I would notice on one of my quilts after it was all quilted and bound and then it would bug me that I had done it that way even though I had not noticed it before.
This one is a memory/family history quilt with photos printed onto fabric. Normally I don't go for these kinds of quilts. I don't really like the way the photos come out and of course the quilts are in general just meaningful to the family. But I love how they added in all the blocks that show something about the people on this one. Great detail, too.
This is a Whimsicals pattern done with Whimsicals fabric. Their colour palette is just a bit different don't you think? I have this pattern -- it was free on the web. Haven't made it yet, but I liked the squared off sunflower look of it. This is a nice rendition. Love the zig zag border.
Now I have taken pictures of apron quilts before but I don't think I have seen one this large. I guess I will have to go pattern hunting as I really do like them. I have a couple of close ups of some of my favourite aprons below.
I love the colours on this one. So crayon colour-y true. And with embroidered cherries. And great use of baby rick rack on this one. On lots of the aprons actually.
This one looks alot like an apron my mom would have had. I love the pocket treatment. I also love the skinnny yellow sashing on this quilt. If I were doing that sashing it would not look anywhere near that straight and even.
Another super use of baby rick rack. And another great pocket treatment. These '30's fabrics are also great. I have only used '30's prints once -- making bumper pads, a quilt, and a wall hanging for my granddaughter's nursery long ago. I pulled out my left overs thinking about this quilt but I would definitely have to go shopping to have enough variety to do something like this.
No, this is not an example of my bad picture taking skills! This quilt is made to look like this -- I have never seen anything like it -- fractured. I don't think I would want it hanging on my wall let alone work on it. It might make me seasick but it is quite striking.
Another super complicated applique quilt. This time it is Father Christmas. The work is wonderful.
Here are a couple of blocks close up.
And a few more.
Here's a Dear Jane for those of you who love them. What a tremendous amount of work!
I just received my Keepsake Quilting catalog and this quilt is in it. Doesn't it just make you think Fall?
Every year this show uses the stage to display quilts that represent the following year's theme. I am soooo lucky -- next year's theme is Americana. I am sure it will be a great show. Just look at some of these. I love the pieced stars in this flag.
I love the setting on this one. And the plaids. Why oh why can I never find plaids like this? Cool binding, too.
The red, white, and blue colour choices in this one are a little unusual. That blue sashing kind of gives it a '30's feel to me.
Another flag. You know there have to be just hundreds of ways to do the flag. I love the pieced stripes on this one. Some of them have pretty big patterns and it looks great. Hmm, pieced stars, pieced stripes, I think I know what my next flag quilt will be like.
Patriotic sampler. I love the diagonal flag block. Oh, and the heart flag one. And the use of some panel pieces.
Well, believe it or not there are still more Kuna pics for next time. Hope you are enjoying this show. I think it is always a fun one. And so handy of it to come along just when I don't have much of my own work to share.


  1. Wow!!! Gorgeous quilts!! Thanks for taking me to the show with you!! ;o)
    Take care!

  2. I missed this post earlier in the week. I love seeing quilt show pictures. The one with the aprons is adorable. The Dear Jane outstanding. Love the bird house quilt too. Thanks for sharing.