Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Funny how things look different

when there is a big gap between the last time you touched something and a more recent time. First, though, here is this one all finished. I like it alot although it goes absolutely no where in my house. It's just so happy! I was able to use a different colourway of the pink border for the back. I like that about it, too.
Here is another one I finished. Here is its back.
And here is its front. It is a lap from fat quilt from when I was trying to use up my fat quarters. The pattern had multiple borders of the various strips like the sashing but I just didn't like it so I didn't do it that way. Quilters' license, right? These were all kind of deep colours -- not exactly jewel tones but approaching that. Mr THQ likes this one alot. I like it, too. I like the extra bits in the star points.
I like the back, too. That back fabric is absolutely ancient. I bought it originally in 3 colourways. You will notice that one of them is blue. I guess it's time to explain my blue aversion. It's really a result of an overload of blue. My FIL could reupholster anything. We had an old couch that we had gotten cheap from friends that needed to be recovered. We lived in Reno at the time and I was walking past a store window of a kind of off the beaten path weird store and they had a bolt of upholstery fabric in the window. It was love at first sight! The fabric was basically royal blue with lots of rust and some kind of taupey brown in a southwestern pattern. I will have to look through old photos and see if I can find one that I can scan.
Anyway, he recovered that couch and a loveseat and from that moment on all my decorating had blue and orange in it. Of course the part I am leaving out is that the house in Reno had bright blue carpet -- royal blue -- I referred to it as Crisco can blue. We only lived in Reno that time for a couple of years but that couch stayed with us for a long time. I think it finally drowned in the great 1984 Tulsa Memorial Day flood that we got to participate in. Sort of a fitting ending, I guess.
The blue and orange versions of these fabrics were in pillows along with lots of other blues and oranges. I never did use the taupe until this backing. Anyway, before he died FIL recovered the loveseat in a brown fabric which is a good thing!
Boy, I am in a multiple colourway frame of mind aren't I? How strange. I didn't realize I did that so much. Anyway, the above two fabrics were ordered online as backing for the quilt that is coming up. I could not decide looking at my computer which wa the better colour. I ended up using the red but if I had it to do over I would definitely use the pink.
This quilt was a kit from Fons & Porter a long time ago. It has been waiting to be quilted for a while because I couldn't decide how to quilt it. I ended up using my walking foot which has spent lots of box time and not much machine time. I like the way it came out and will use the foot again I am sure. I tried to use only the fabrics that came in the kit even though I didn't like some of them AT ALL and as a whole it looks good. This was one of the first times I used a solid, too. Since then I have noticed lots of solids used in blogland, especially on contemporary quilts so I have started using them a little more. This is actually baby quilt size.
Even though I have a couple more quilts that are pinned and ready to be quilted (yes, still including the monster) I decided it was time to do something new. Actually I was looking for something else and came across this kitty angel fabric and decided its time had come. Isn't it cute?
Here is the finished top. I would have liked a slightly wider kitty angel fabric border but I didn't have enough to go any wider. It makes me smile, too.
Now I guess it's time to get back to the quilting. I have another one that I am not sure how to quilt so that is my excuse. Is it working?


  1. The quilt with the circles looks oh so interesting.

  2. I especially like the circle quilt. I think you made the right choice on the border, it makes the circles really pop!

  3. Your quilts always look amazing to me. Did you use the WonderArc for the circle quilt? Every time I see it I consider buying it, but really, I seldom do circles when making a quilt so I've not bought it, yet. Not sure how to quilt it sounds like a good excuse to me. I have a quilt I need to be working on, but haven't decided how to do the applique, and that excuse is working for me. :) ~Nita