Monday, February 23, 2009

I won, I won!!!

So I have been looking at all of the blogs that use selvedges for different things. Some are just so cute. I have saved selvedges in the past when I thought the colour dots looked really cool but I never saved enough fabric with them to do anything with them. I have learned from the blogs to cut them with an inch to an inch and a half of fabric attached to them. Duh!. So a new basket has been assigned for this purpose. Like I need another basket of something!

I am so excited that I won a bloggy giveaway. During my year or so of lurking I entered many giveaways but never won anything. Actually I have only won one thing in my lifetime and I had just thrown the raffle ticket away. I dug it out of the trash to claim my prize -- a disc camera. Do you even remember those? They did not even last as long as 8 track tapes! Anyway, look at the cute Mary card that came with a CD of really cool stuff and another little goodie.

Just look at what was inside that tissue paper. I absolutely adore it. Look at that button. It made me want to rearrange the basket next to my chair where I keep clippings and cross stitch and other hand sewing. Now I can keep scissors and little things together.

Here is the before picture. I have this habit of ripping magazines up when I read them. I don't like to have to handle things multiple times so I read and rip. Then they are rough sorted into crafty stuff or recipes. Periodically I go through and sort them into hanging files that I have set up in a couple of plastic milk crates. That way I can always find what I am looking for. Oh, yeah, you believe that, don't you? I tend to put a lot of things in the folders labeled "recent" and "favourites" and as you can imagine those files get a little out of control.

Here is the after. The basket is alot smaller which is a good thing. That way I can add a cup to hold pens for the crossword puzzles, a better diet coke with splenda coaster and a couple of other things to the top of the table. And look how neat. You can see a baby announcement for my grandson that just needs name and date on it. (He will turn 6 next month.) That piece of orange aida is a scarecrow pattern from Lizzie Kate. One of these days I will finish both so they can go on the finished WISP list.

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