Saturday, February 14, 2009

Yeah, I know it's Valentine's Day, not Halloween, but

it just so happens that amongst the pinned quilts were a few little Halloween items that I started just before last Halloween and, of course, did not finish in time. This is one that consists mostly of really really OLD Halloween fabrics. They are stiff, coarsely woven, and bought before I became the fabric snob I am now. Since I wanted them to be gone I used them for the back, too. And I actually THREW AWAY the bits that were left!!! I must admit, however, that the quilt is kind of cute, and the fabrics are much softer after having been washed and dried to crispy critterdom half a dozen times.

Once again I forgot to either turn the camera or rotate the picture. Believe it or not my picture taking has really improved. Usually I manage to miss entirely whatever I was going to take a picture of. Anyway I saw a quilt on this blog, nancynoblogblogs, using bits of this panel. Which I had owned for quite some time. I actually used most of the motifs to make a wall hanging for a spot in my kitchen based on what I saw on that blog. That quilt is pinned but not quilted yet. These 3 pieces were leftover so I made this little tiny wall hanging. I like it alot. Next Halloween I will have plenty of new things to hang.

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