Sunday, May 16, 2010

Don't have much to show for myself

while I have been gone. The weather has finally turned to spring so lots of time that would have been quilting time has been bicycling time. I finally finished this top -- it is one of those I cut from all my fat quarters -- remember that project -- when I was trying to use them all up? Anyway, appropriately enough the pattern is from "More Laps From Fats". The pattern called for 2 borders, a fat one and a skinny one. I managed to eke out enough from the red fabrics I used to make the skinny one.
Then I auditioned a green. No way I could get enough out of the green left overs so I was thinking this one might do.
But between when I took the picture and now I decided I don't like the red at all. The quilt has kind of a cottagey look even with some of these brighter colours -- I guess because there is so much of the cottagey background fabric. Anyway, I have decided I am going to take off the red border and trim it up a bit and then bind with the same background fabric.

So of couse now I am mourning the loss of the time it will take to rip it out, the thread (?), yes, thread, because even on sale thread is expensive. And most of all the red fabric. Especially one of them which is from an older group called Cowboy Rose Gingham. I think. I will still be able to have quite a few 2" wide strips of it so this is kind of silly but just the same that's how I feel. When it's a fabric I really love I really hate using it all up. Even though there are yards and yards of fabric just a few feet away. That must be the sign of a true "fabriholic" don't you think?

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  1. A good design on your quilt. Sort of like a churn dash block but not really.