Sunday, May 30, 2010

Remember I said it was spring?

Well, not for long. Look at that fresh snow up there. Can you see it? Last weekend, 16 inches fell on Bogus Basin. That's the ski hill right above Boise. And here in the valley it rained (and snowed a little) all day Saturday. No bike riding for us -- just a trip to REI to get panniers on sale and Dansko shoes and sandals (also on sale). We are planning several bike trips this summer to use up my vacation time and decided it was finally time to get some as we are just not back pack people no matter how hard we try. Ooh, and one of the trips is to Sisters, on quilt show weekend. Even though it is not all that far away I have never been!

I have been hunting the Danskos at a price I could live with and REI even beat Amazon. When I was young I thought that dermatologists and podiatrists were fringe doctors. Who could need them! Well, me, that's who. I LOVE my podiatrist and he recommended the Danskos. As well as Happy Feet insoles for my other shoes and, let me tell you, now that I am used to them I really miss them when I wear other shoes.

But I digress. The other thing that has been taking up all my time is completely re-doing my sewing room. I know I have been telling you that we are consolidating and remodeling at work. And that means we have an entire patio full of surplus office stuff. And I was offered (and accepted) threee 7 foot tall metal bookshelves. Yeah, not so pretty, but man, will they hold alot.

Of course, they had to be disassembled, hauled home, dragged upstairs, and reassembled. And everything in their path had to be unloaded and removed. Phew. I have been using a new website -- -- to help me lose a few pounds and yesterday I decided I had spent enough time moving things around and putting them away that I should see how many calories I had burned -- for 10 hours of that over 1000!!!

But I digress, again. Good thing this is a 3 day weekend. I am hoping to have the project completed before I go back to work on Tuesday. Look at this mess -- do you think I have a chance?
More mess. Of course I am probably making it take a little longer because I am massively rearranging where things are stored and also taking the opportunity to check my book list against my books as I reshelve them. I like to keep a list so I don't buy a book twice (never happened to you I am sure) but I get behind periodically and then it may as well not exist.
Now that you have seen the mess, I will show you some progress. My sewing room is over the garage and has two dormers. This is the shorter dormer. It has my original shelf (made from 3 old chicken coops) moved over a bit and one of the new shelves next to it. Opposite this is one of my metal kitchen shelf units from Costco that holds fabric. You've seen them before.
And here is the longer end. There are two of the new shelf units on this side. This end is not as close to finished as the other end is. This is where my laundry rack of waiting to be quilted tops used to be. Another Costco rack is opposite it and my new $5 computer desk is at the end. You can just barely see it.
And yes, I use quilts as window coverings over all 3 of my windows. And binder clips to open them up. Not very decorative but very efficient.
I'm kind of excited about all these changes. I will have enough space to bring up overflow cookbooks and other books that are crowding things downstairs. And even though these shelves are not country cool or cute they are going to make my sewing room much neater, better organized, and, dare we hope -- easier to work in. Yeah!


  1. Your quilt books & patterns look oh so neat. Would be fun to sit & look through them with you.

  2. I enjoyed the tour of your sewing room. You have lots of interesting stuff in it. I want to come play with you.