Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Boy can that 830 quilt!

And I have been quilting. Funny how it is though. I like to make the binding when I finish the top and put it in my binding drawer. But some of these quilts were so long awaiting quilting that I couldn't remember what binding went with what! So I spent some quality time with my leftover binding box to get the job done. Believe it or not this was about twice as full when I started. So what have I quilted on her? Well, this is the biggest one I did. You know how I feel about blue. This one was made quite some time ago trying to use up lots of old blues. And I was determined to use up partial spools of blue thread, too. Unfortunately some of that thread was too O L D and it kept breaking. But even with all the not too polite words that accompanied each break I managed to finish the quilt and finish the spools. This will be used as a utility quilt. Right now we use the sleeping bag I took to college with me for this purpose and I think that any time now it will come out of the washer in pieces, not as a whole unit.
Now back to my regularly scheduled colours! This was a jelly roll. I copied the pattern from a picture I saw somewhere that I thought would be a great jelly roll quilt. This is Bound to the Praire some number I think.
Here is a bit of a departure for me. I don't know why this citrus-y fabric appealed to me so much. But it did. The orange border was a little too bright until the quilt was washed. That soothed it down a bit and the quilt is really cute I think. Great for a summer table topper and that is how I intend to use it.
You might remember I needed a Christmas quilt for over my pantry doors. I must tell you the Thanksgiving quilt is still up there. This one will have to wait for next Christmas. Meanwhile I guess I better make a spring or summer one.
Again, back to my regularly scheduled colours. I am not playing the Year of Schnibbles but this is a Schnibbles -- Plan C I think. And I think it was another Bound to the Prairie. This time as charm squares. I have now used up all my pre cuts and I am actually happy about that. I just prefer choosing my own fabrics and mixing up lines. I love this little quilt though, even though it is just one line!
Now, ahem, the next two. Originally I started out to make a Kim Diehl quilt. Well, actually I did make a Kim Diehl quilt. But somehow I managed to get the two different blocks two different and incomatible sizes. I set it aside for a while and tried to convince myself that the lumps would "quilt out". But, you and I know they never would. So, I took it all apart and made two small quilts, one out of each style block. And they look good, don't you think?
I really like this square in a square pattern with all different fabrics. In fact, as I quilted this one I was admiring the fabrics in it. Is that weird?
I always have lots and lots of 1 1/2" strips and I was just messing around using some up here. Periodically the baskets just overflow and I have to do something.
So all these little quilts in my favourite colours actually have a purpose. I want to fill up this little cabinet by my front door. I took this pic before I finished quilting on a couple of them but you get the idea. I still need a few more.
Remember I told you I missed some of my Easter decorations when I was taking them down? Right, they are still there. I really like these little eggs. I got them at the thrift store but they are Pottery Barn. That certainly improved the price. But they do need to be put away. Soon.
Speaking of thrifting. Well, not quite. In my office we have a tradition of putting anything you don't want anymore in our breakroom. Currently we are remodeling and consolidating. We used to have 6 offices spread throughout the complex we are in. We are now down to 2 but soon we will all be together in one space. So there have been lots of items up for grabs in the breakroom. I saw a little truck like this in a country decorating magazine with dried flowers in it so the minute I saw this one I knew it had to be mine. It only took a couple of seconds to peel off the LP signs on each side of the rails on the back.
Isn't it just as cute as it can be?
Well, it was a pretty productive week for me. My basting pin bowl is full to overflowing so I am now able to make backs and pin baste the stashlets. There are only 2 quilts left that are ready to be quilted. One requires my walking foot for the quilting design I want to use so it needs to wait a bit. The other one is the one that I never get to. It is big so and that is intimidating. But the blue one was big so I have recent experience now with big. That should make it easier, but somehow it doesn't. I think I bought the fabric 8-10 years ago, finished the top about 6 years ago, and it has been pinned and waiting for at least 2 years. Hmmm, has it's time finally come?

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