Sunday, December 5, 2010

Long time no blog

Yeah, I know. Been busy, busy, busy. Hasn't let up for a minute since the Thanksgiving holiday. We have alot to catch up on, so let's get started.

First things first. We need giveaways to celebrate 100 posts. Well, 101 posts. We have 4 all with a holiday theme. All you have to do is leave a comment as to which one you like the best and next Sunday, December 12th, at my usual posting time I will pick winners. Since I don't get a whole lot of comments your chances are really, really good. We will go in holiday order so the first one is a Halloween cat bowl. It's around 6 or 7 inches in diameter and very, very prim. It came from Gooseberry Patch when they still had a catalog. Boy, I miss that catalog. On to Thanksgiving. A cornucopia. Remember how I told you I was garland challenged? Well, it turns out I am cornucopia challenged, too. This is not my first one nor the only one I own. But it is definitely the cutest one. It is a Boyd's Bears item. I just never can make them look good in an arrangement. But I bet you can.

On to Christmas. These are old fashioned icicles from the old Martha Stewart catalog. Since my tree is always a riot of colour and all kinds of stuff, I do not know whatever possessed me to buy these elegant things. Once I used them on a small tree with some old glass ball ornaments that I brought home from my mom's. But it just wasn't right for me. I bet they will look great on your elegant tree though.
So from elegant back to prim. When we first got married we lived in the top of a 2 family house and the people below us had been stationed in Germany when he was in the Army. They brought home the tradition of putting LIT candles on their tree. I just knew they were going to burn the house down. They didn't and when I saw these with faux wooden candles that clip onto the tree branches just like the ones they used to have I had to have them. Prim, too, aren't they? But they take up alot of room on the tree and mine just doesn't have that kind of room. But you will find a spot for them I am sure. Oh, there are like 6 of them.
So, there you have it. I am excited to share these things with you because as you know I love to decorate for the holidays. And yes, they are slightly used but only barely since they were better in my mind than in my real life.
On to what has been going on. I went in over Thanksgiving weekend and hung all the stashlets in my old office. Then everyone got to choose the one they liked the best. It was amazing how quickly they all gravitated to one. Only a few folks had a hard time choosing. It did look stunning I think. Here, see if you agree.

And the rejects went into the annual Craft Fair. Unfortunately for sales at the craft fair on the first day we had 7 inched of snow and many folks did not make it into work. Then on the other two days the main employer in our complex had a main electrical panel exploded so they had no power and so no employees. So few customers. I did sell a few things but not nearly as much as I usually do. Oh, well, I was told I could still participate as a retiree!
So, what else. Oh, I finished the tee shirt quilt and presented it to them last night. They seemed to really like it and I was very happy to get it finished. It was big and heavy to quilt. I am glad to have done a tee shirt quilt and I am pleased at how nice it looks but I don't think I want to do another.
And now that it is finished I can get back to working on other stuff. So I finished cutting out the Buggy Barn Quilters' Village. I haven't shuffled them yet though. I wanted to get the cutting done so I could put all the fabrics I had pulled back into my stash. I have been on a bit of a cleaning up binge.
And I finally found a pattern I like for a stack of fall fabrics that I bought quite a while back and couldn't quite figure out how I wanted to use them. Now I can get started on that, too.
It seems like it's been awhile since I sewed for fun. Oh, and I did get Christmas all up. I will get some pics for you. For some reason I am not real happy with how the tree turned out. Can't really say why. Pics next time and you can see what you think.


  1. I like the cat bowl best. I was wondering why I did not get a catalog any longer from Gooseberry Patch. I will have to check and see if they are still in business.

  2. Oh my, gotta love the cat bowl. Love that 'cheshire cat' grin!! Congrats on the milestone and thanks for the great giveaway.

  3. Great giveaway
    Count me in please

  4. Congratulations on 101!! Love the cat bowl!! Great giveaway... are you really sure you want to part with all of these?

  5. love the cat bowl, I love black cats, I have 2!
    Congrats on the 101 post, I have been post challenged myself, but I am feeling the need to start again. I guess everyone needs a break now and then.