Sunday, December 12, 2010

See, back as promised

And the Christmas decorations are finished. Not real happy with the tree this year. Can't really say why. But we'll get to Christmas in a minute. And to the giveaways, too. First, I was looking in a magazine about over the top event planning that came into work addressed to someone who has not worked there for a long time. Found this picture whcih I think is really pretty. I am not much for garnishes but the crushed peppermints look really cool here I think. But on the same page was this. This looks really weird to me. I can't imagine eating it. It is a basil coating. That red thing is a pomegranite seed. Smoked turkey is the base. Hmmm. Nice Christmassy colours though I guess. Just had to share.....

So now that the tee shirt quilt is finished I have been sewing. I have had these fabrics in a pile on my cutting table for months. Well, all but the one that looks like it has arrowheads on it. That one is new from my last trip to Charlotte.

Anyway, I had been looking for just the right thing to do with them. When I saw this picure I realized I had finally found the right thing. I think this picture attracted me first because the colours are somewhat similar. And then because of the use of big prints. Since this stack included some large prints I wanted to be sure the pattern would not chop them up too small.

I've seen zig zag quilts before, usually made with half square triangles. But this pattern called for the Easy Angle and Companion Angle. I had them from using the coupons at Joann's but had never used them. have to say that it took me awhile to see how they were helpful getting the corner overages nice and even so the strips would look nice but I finally figured it out.

Well, then the rest of the quilt did not want to cooperate either. I didn't have quite so much fabric as the pattern called for plus I wanted to use some of these fabrics for another quilt.
So I decided to make the quilt smaller. So I cut fewer Companion Angles. Then for some reason I thought I would use the colours twice alternating them. Much seam ripping later I finally figured out how to do it.

And here is the top all finished. I really like how it looks. What do you think? Yeah, yeah, it's Christmas now but now I have months to get it quilted in time for next fall. Think I can do it?

So on to Christmas. This is the new Noah's ark ornament I just got. I don't know why I like it so much but I really, really do. And no, not from the thrift store -- from a craft show.

Look at this Raggedy. Isn't she fantastic! One of the folks who works for me gave it to me. I felt really bad taking her because she is so cute. Hmm, but I did now, didn't I? I just love the hair. And the bow. Love me some polka dots.

Here are some other tree shots.

This is not any old bell. It is one I painted myself with splatters and dots. Probably my best paint job ever. Yeah, the bar is low.

And now for some other Christmas. Every year I do things mostly like the year before, but not completely. I love this little picture. The quilt hanging from the hat rack is one that I finished this year. I like the funky light green. And it is churndash, one of my all time favourite blocks.

Last year this is the quilt that was on the coat rack. It's a favourite, too. Love the snowman fabric.
I think this is the same spot where these little Moda stockings were last year although I am not completely sure. I like their not quite Christmassy reds and greens, too.

This is new this year because the piece of furniture is new. I like the way it worked out for Christmas.
Another corner of the dining room.
And another. I do have alot of little chairs, don't I? Another of my collections.
And the I have had this candle holder forever. I mean that, probably like 35 or more years.
A flat birdhouse Mr THQ made for me. That is a pretty recent thrifted sign. Again with the odd Christmas green.
Near the front closet.

My only ever successfully finished doll. Once I retire I intend to try more dolls. Let's see how I do.
This is a new location for the bunnies. It's a good one I think.
A new miniature chair fits this Santa quite well. He fits in it perfectly.
This is a new combo, too. Now that I have this picture I can remember it for next year.
The mantle. I was trying to remember where I got that nice rusty lantern but I can't.
Here is a farther away view of the mantel.
Don't you love the camera light? Yes, Mr THQ made it -- a long time ago. Nice shot of the receptacle. Oops.
Everyone has a Bannock device, don't they? Perfect to decorate for Christmas, too.
Moved this guy this year, too.
Over the cabinets in the dining area. That sled is new. From my daughter last Christmas. Makes a great addition.
My favourite gingerbread corner.
So now, that I have made you read all the way to the end, the winners. Boy was the cat bowl popular. 4 people expressed interest in it and the winner is the 2nd cat bowl chooser, Sherrill. Since there was so much interest in the cat bowl and not much else I am going to leave the giveaway open another week and see what happens. See you then.


  1. WOW! That's a LONG post with a lot of decorating pix!! I've barely gotten the tree decorated and a couple of other things out. Oh well, whatever gets done'll be it! LOL Love that zigzag quilt!

  2. What a lot of decorating. You are so talented. I haven't got my Christmas tree decorated yet, but I did get a Christmas tablecloth finished so I could decorate the dining area. Then the tree....
    Please enter me in the giveaway.
    Merry Christmas