Sunday, December 19, 2010

Looks like I'm stuck in fall...

Just fall fabrics. So I finished this top using the same fabrics as in the zig zag quilt. I really do love them. I have a little bit left but really and truly what is left is just scraps. Couldn't make another quilt with them unless I added lots of other fabrics to them. And since my stash is full of fall coloured fabrics I guess I could do that. Here is the whole thing. I didn't want to add a "foreign" fabric to it so pieced the border. The binding w ill be the same as the sashing. I really like this pattern. I am sure I will make it again. It was quick and fun. I never would have found it if I had not seen it made up since the pattern cover sample is done up in batiks. It's called "Fractions".

As you probably remember I am about to retire. Only 2 weeks left. Well, 8 days actually because of the holidays. Friday night was a retirement dinner put on mostly by my group plus my two immediate bosses. We had a great time but even greater was the gift they gave me. Remember I made them all little quilts? Well, they made me all little quilt blocks. Each one is completely different. I have them spread out with some auditioning sashing fabrics. I really like that bright stripe but decided it would take over from the blocks. And the red one is too red I think.

See that pale green ladybug print on the left? I think it is my favourite of what I have on hand. There is lots of blue in the blocks and there is a little blue in the ladybug fabric. That blue dot is the right blue but I thnk it would be overpowering, too, but I am thinking it might make corner posts. Just can't decide.

What do you think? Or do I just not have the right fabric? The blocks are 8 1/2 inches and I am thinking 2 inch sashing. I think I only have enough of the ladybug fabric to do 1 1/2 inches but that would be okay, too. I am thinking just sashing and corner posts, no borders. What do you think? It's hard to pick a favourite block. Each of them made one representing themselves plus some generic all department ones. Isn't this just the coolest present ever?

I would like to get this together soon so I can take it in and show them the finished quilt but if I can't find the right fabric in my stash I will not make the two week limit. I broke a bone in my foot last Monday so between hobbling around in a big black (stylish, not) boot and all the ice and snow that has been falling the last few days it will be tough to go shopping. So vote for your favourite!


  1. I just finished a fall quilt too, so we are in the same mode.
    I am surprised at the creativity used in your quilt blocks from co-workers. Especially since most are probably not quilters or know anything about sewing.

  2. What a neat gift you got! It's hard to tell from a picture, but it looks like the ladybug fabric doesn't provide enough contrast - it looks almost the same color as the block backgrounds to me. The blue looks like a better choice, but it may look different in person. I really like the bright stripe, too, but I agree it might be too much. Maybe some combination of the two of them?

  3. I LOVE that they made blocks for you! Happy Retirement!