Saturday, February 26, 2011

So I pinned and pinned

and this stack of tops and backs is still waiting to be pinned. And of course there are still tops that still need backs. I ran out of pins until we went to JoAnn's and used a coupon to get more. But I decided that was enough pinning anyway. Here are the small to medium ones ready to go.
And the larger ones. A couple of these have been sitting waiting for a long time. Especially that big one on the bottom. Its time just has not come... yet.
I pulled all my bindings from the various places they were tucked -- I had outgrown the binding drawer for sure! I think it is a good idea to make the bindings when completing the tops. Except when it is so long before the quilting I can't remember which binding goes with what. (Yes, I have tried to sew one meant for another onto the wrong one. But only once. So far...) I guess I need to pin post it notes to the bindings.
Don't they look nice in their boxes? I just look soooooooooo efficient... ha ha ha! Or as my best friend when I lived in Rhode Island as a kid would say, "snicker, snicker, snacker, snacker, ha, ha, laugh, laugh, ho, ho, hee, hee." Amazing that sticks in my mind. Had to be 5th grade-ish!
Anyway, while we were out we stopped at a thrift store and look what I found! What a lot of work, and so cute. I could do without the pearls but I love the little handle and the edging around the top.
I also kind of delayed the quilting until I had finished this top. It was one of those stacks. The pattern I used did not call for a border but it looked wrong to me ending with such a light colour so I added one. Now it goes into the needs a back stack.
So, did I ever stop procrastinating and start quilting? Well, yes, I did. And wouldn't you know the first few I quilted had NO bindings in those bins! So you are not seeing them. You are seeing some that were quilted later that did have bindings in the bins. This was done from left over half square triangles. I really like the sashing fabric. Kind of a nice light toasty colour background.
Then you remember this one I am sure. I added some borders but I am still not in love with this fabric.
And this one. I know I just showed you the top. This is definitely record top to finished time! I didn't do such a good job on the picture, now did I? Oh, well.
This was made of leftovers as well. The quilt that it is leftovers of is waiting to be pinned. Someday you will see it. The main fabric is some I bought years and years ago when I was about to make a quilt for my MIL who did her house in oriental style. I ended up doing something different so this one sat and sat. I mean for like 10 years. I kind of like it with all these also uncharacteristic florals.
I love this one. It was a panel and some coordinating fabric. I added the green border from my stash and I love the purple stripe border. I worked really hard to make the stripes all be at 90 degrees and straight, not my usual helte skelter scrappy style. Anf it came out cute, cute, cute I think.
I like the kitties. Mr THQ just told me he read an article that house cats can live to be 30 years old! Can you believe that? Ours seems to be feeling her age at 15 or 16 which I thought was the normal life expectancy. We keep having to put helper steps everywhere so she can get to where she used to jump up to. Of course she is not a true house cat as she does go outside all the time. Interesting, no?

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  1. I would be the same as you by forgetting what binding went with what.