Saturday, May 21, 2011

Actual progress is being made!

Yeah, I know, nothing is appliqued yet, but look, the start squares are ready to go. The house that I sewed together rather than applique came out nicely I think.

And I actually climbed up and got my fusible web so that I could get ready to applique. Boy, that cat and moon are large! I usually do the window method of fusible web and getting that twisted cat border down and fused was not a lot of fun.

And then, do you see it? I realized that I didn't reverse the piece so my kitty faces the opposite way of the pattern. Now I need to decide if I should make more of it the other way or just ignore it. You know, no matter what you decide there is always another decision waiting to be made, now isn't there? Progress on this one, too. This one is all pinned ready to be appliqued. I didn't want to start blanket stitching until I had finished the star blocks. I sewed these houses together, too. On the first set the measurements came out perfectly. So of course, for some reason I added to the measurements when I cut the second set out and guess what? Yes, they were too big. Duh! Fun unsewing!

Here is a closer look at one set.

And the other.

This pattern uses buttons for the windows and flowers which is what originally drew me to it. But it calls for 24 red ones and 57 black ones! 57 matching buttons! JoAnn's is having half price buttons Decoration Day weekend so I guess if I want matching ones I need to go there then. I haven't decided, though, if I want them to match or if I should just dig in my massive button collection. See, there is another one of those pesky decisions!


  1. I would leave the cat as is. Only you will know it is reversed.

  2. Oh boy- I look forward to seeing progress on the Halloween top. I have the pattern and fabrics to make one too.
    Guess it depends on how much it bugs you to know your cat is reversed. I would leave it myself. LOL