Sunday, June 5, 2011

This cracked me up...

And I'm sorry the picture is a bit blurry. I had a hard time getting the picture. I got this book from the library and this is what I found. Oh, and I didn't read the chapter. I was really not liking the book and had been mostly skimming so I figured this was good advice. One of the things I have decided as I have gotten older is that it is OKAY to not finish a book I don't like. So I don't. I have managed to get more applique on this guy. I had to stop here until I could get out and get the 12 yards of 1/4" bias tape. I wanted to get it at the Hancock's on Decoration Day because it was on sale for 40% off and there was a 10% off your entire purchase coupon.

So I fused and cut out the rest of the applique pieces. There is a lot of machine blanket stitching in my future, isn't there? Look how nicely these are sorted. I decided that with so many pieces it was imperative to sort. That bag on the right is the rest of what goes on the center section above. The rest is for borders once the quilt is together.
Did you see that Connecting Threads is having their 40% off book sale? I have pretty much stopped buying fabric there. I used to buy a lot of their little fat quarter sets with patterns. But I just have not liked their own fabric -- nothing about quality -- none of the fabric lines have appealed to me at all.

But I love books. You already have realized that I am sure. So this is what I ordered. Well, I think I had 2 or 3 times this many in my basket but I culled down to this. I like to stay just a little over the $50 mark so I can get free shipping without feeling totally profligate with the spending. I have quite a few Nancy Halverson books and just love her things although I have never made a single thing. But one of these days I will. Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I have been reading in lots of blogs discussions about Denise Schmidt fabric now being available through JoAnn's. I am not really a Denise Schmidt fan so I really don't have an opinion as to whether she is "selling out" or not. If I were trying to make a living as a quilt pattern and fabric designer I am sure I would be on the lookout for any way to continue to support myself. Anyway, since JoAnn's also had good sales on Decoration Day I stopped there too and found these that I like. That top one is now with a stack of red white and blue fabrics that have been huddling together for a while. I have to decide to make something with them other than a nice stack to look at!
It turns out that I do own one DS pattern. I bought it when I was in SC visiting my daughter and she took me to a cute quilt shop. Her patterns are unusually expensive I think and looking at this one now I am not sure why I bought it. In general I am a "think about it shopper." I go and look at something, do not buy it, and then go back. Sometimes many times. If it is still there when I finally decide to buy it then I buy it. But when I am at a store that I know I can't go back to I get into a "buy it now, buy it now mode. There will never be another chance." So sometimes I end up with out of character things like this pattern.
I got this top together, too. It also needs bias tape so it has been on hold, too. I am still deciding between matched and mis-matched buttons. At JoAnn's buttons were all half price, too, so I bought the little sacks of black ones thinking I could then be matchy matchy if I want to be. You would think that out of 2 packs of 130 buttons there would be 57 alike. No, two more packages would be needed. So much for an easy and inexpensive choice.
And of course while these two were on hold I started in on two more projects. They will have to wait for their show and tell until next time.


  1. Too funny about the note in that book! I wonder what information was in that chapter. I haven't gotten to the place yet where I don't finish fiction books - I keep thinking that it must get better! I really like your in progress projects.

  2. I have this all done except it's still in pieces in a UFO bin...thanks for reminding me to get it out and finish it off while I still LOVE IT!! Yours is stunning!!