Friday, July 29, 2011

How about some Boise quilt show pics?

Riddle me this -- when you accidentally load the same pic twice it is really difficult to find the right key combination to delete it. But when you want a picture it is soooooooooooo easy to do whatever it is that deletes it. Grrr.

But I digress before I even get started. Since it is only a week away from the Kuna show I figured we better start looking at pics from the Boise show held at the end of June.

This first one is blue, I know, but it is really pretty. And you know I love this block. And I love the scalloped border. I will have to try that I guess. (And yes, it adds insult to injury that the pic that I accidentally deleted and had to reload was blue!) I am not a fan of batiks but I really like the block in this quilt. Besides it is Boise State colours.

Here is the whole thing.

And here is another block close up. Isn't it interesting? And actually, now that I stare at this block, the quilt is not really batiks is it? Just has that look. And lots of those taupe Japanese fabrics or Japanese like fabrics. I stand corrected.

Here is a bright one. I love the way the wheels on the bus go round and round. Well, you know what I mean -- lots of movement in these circles.

Here is a closer look at part of it. Bright colours, black and white so it has reverse colours, and lots of curved sewing. Eek on the curved sewing part.

I guess I am in a blue phase. I love the way the blocks form the pattern in this one. So simple yet so effective.

It does contain at least half a bazillion HSTs though, doesn't it? Nice quilting, too. I am getting to like solids more and more.

A more traditional quilt.

And nice reds and greens. I like the use of the stripe as a border and I love the all the fabrics used in the block. Checks, stripes, and a nice star variation.

This one was in the featured quilter area on a table so the shot is kind of funny. I like that it uses purple.

More next time. I will try to be back sooner rather than later. Life keeps getting in the way of personal blogging. You know how that goes. Hope no one melts out there.