Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Council Quilt Show Pics

Let's have a look at the Council quilt show, shall we? I didn't take lots of pictures so probably two posts will do it. The Emmett show didn't have a chicken quilt but Council came through. I really like this one. Kind of bright prim colours. I love that they face different directions and that there is that one upside down one. I always feel like the upside down one -- out of synch with everyone else... This is one of the theme quilts. I really like the tree and the basket on the bottom right.

Love the colours on this one. Lots of different bits and pieces of applique and piecing. Even embroidery.

I love, love, love this one. Sweet. Lot's of stitchery. Not something I am ever likely to do but I like to look at it. It looks like some of the Australian designs I see all over the web.

I liked the use of stitchery in this one, too. Interesting colours.

This is an unusual border I think. I don't know that I have seen the long strip and little square treatment before but I like it a lot. I hope I can remember it when I am thinking about borders and edge treatments. Love the diagonal stripe binding, too. I never think of that but It always looks absolutely terrific.

Here is the rest of the quilt. Kind of deep bright pastels. I imagine this is paper pieced. Did you catch the quarter circles/suns in the borders? Neat ideas all the way around on borders on this one.

It's funny that I have decided to make 2 quilts after this show that I didn't take pictures of. Both Buggy Barn -- one hearts and one stars. I already had the patterns and have pics of them buried somewhere on the camera that I will share later on. Both of the quilts at the show were done in batiks which is not my favourite fabric style. But also there was not much contrast on them so it was hard to discern the stars and hearts. But I still got to thinking a lot about them and want to get them made. Isn't that funny -- that you would be inspired by something you didn't particularly think worked?

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  1. Love the chicken quilt! The lavender with embroidery is beautiful, too.

    I think part of what inspires an artist is that you can see the diamond in the rough. If you want, you can take a pattern and make it your own. That is what made me fall in love with quilting. We can all look at the same block or pattern, but each personality shines through in the fabric. Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos! :)