Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Collecting for Easter, or bunnies run amok

So as I have been out thrifting this year I have been collecting Easter and spring things because I just don't have much. I saw an arrangement in a tray on another blog that I can't remember or I would link. I thought that would be a fun thing to do with my new spring things and the tray on my dining room table. I think my tray was a bit large for this but it is not too bad I think. It definitely has a spring look. Now maybe soon spring will come. Seemed like it would on Monday when it was 60 degrees but today there was snow again. Oh, well.

This is another thrifted item which I think is very cute and it is right near my front door. If the weather was better I would put it outside but I don't want the paint to get washed off with the recent snow and rain. One thing I cannot do is paint so I would not be able to repair it!

And now that St Pat's Day is about over, it's time to show Easter goodies! This is so more springlike for me than usual I am just amazed at how good these things look added into my regular stuff.

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  1. Cute easter finds. Just think spring showers bring forth may floweres. Linda