Sunday, March 8, 2009

Scrap Update and Disappointing Finishes

What is this you say? Why it's gold fabric auditioning to be the posts for the purple bee sashing. I recently acquired lots of the this purple bee fabric as an end of bolt thinking it will make a great back at a minimum. I think it is really perky. Nothing wrong with purple as a neutral, right? It's going to be the sashing for these blocks I just finished from the scrap box.

See, here are the blocks. This is one of my favourite blocks. I cut scraps until I was tired and ended up with 33 blocks. So back to the bin for the makings of 3 more. There are lots of colours in these blocks but no purple so I thought purple was a good candidate for the sashing. It's interesting how many of the blocks are green. Quite a few blue ones too which is a little unusual for me these days.

I used to have a HUGE couch and loveseat that was covered in a southwestern type print in royal blue, rust, and taupe. I LOVED that fabric and blue was my main decorating colour for years. That furniture drowned when we got to participate in the 1984 Tulsa Memorial Day flood event. Ever since I just have not had much blue -- guess I overindulged. My guest room has been known as the "flag room" for years and that's about the only room with much blue in it -- to go with the red and white.

Anyway, enough with the memory lane stuff. Here is a finish. I don't know that I like it too well as it is so light in the center. It is tabletopper size and will be good in the fall despite not being my favourite. I tend to use the same colours all the time so I like to do something different from time to time. Of course, the browns are right up my alley so this is not THAT much of a departure from the norm.

This is another finish and it is indeed disappointing. First, look at those wavy borders. I am not quite sure what I did but it was not the right thing. This is not normally a problem I have but I certainly have it in spades on this quilt. I also tried using a busier print for the background than I usually use. I did this on purpose because I see other people doing it and it looks great. Oh, well, folded or rolled up it will be fine.

I quilted both of these yesterday and I guess I was still in quilting mode and should not have moved into binding mode. Note to self -- quilt one day and bind the next. And follow some recently read advice and use my walking foot!


  1. What a lot of interesting quilts. Great colors

  2. I would say that both of those finishes would make great tabletoppers and the leaf one? Well, if it's on a table and you put an arrangement in the center, you won't see all that "open" space--that's something I never seem to think about and plan for ahead of time, so I think you're quite smart! And the wavy border? I don't know how that happened unless the borders were too long? But have you tried washing it--or even spraying it with a squirt bottle--and blocking it while it's pretty damp? It might even it out some. I LIKE the busy background--looks great! But still, hanging over the sides of a table, no one would notice the wavy borders.