Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Results from the Scrap Basket

I don't usually share just tops but I thought I would show some of the results so far of my foray into the scrap bin. This house is a Country Threads pattern. I always like making 9 patches so it is nice to get to use some. And flags. Flags are always a favourite.

Like I said, flags are always a favourite. This is another Country Threads pattern. It will go in the flag room of course once it has been completed. The little kind of pastelly thing is a table topper. It will go in the box/tray one of these days. I don't do too much with pastels but I thought it would be right for spring.

Once I get them quilted I will show them again but since I still have quite a few things to quilt from the last basting binge it will be awhile. The things left waiting to be quilted are all pretty large so this scrap diversion is probably an avoidance mechanism. To quilt I will have to clear my cutting table and that is not something I am looking forward to. It is amazing how much can accumulate there so quickly!


  1. I love both tops. I have the top one half done and I have the last one made. Just dont know where that thing is.

  2. I love all those tops. THe house one is great, love it and the red, white and blue one I love the scrappyness of it. The pastel one is pretty, but I don't normally go for pastels either. Great job on using those scraps!

  3. I lovethe tops,must be fun getting them finiched

  4. I love your Country Threads tops...especially the house...for some reason I just love house blocks!