Thursday, May 14, 2009

And now for some fronts

We finally had some sunny days so I was able to take some pictures of the fronts of the quilts I brought home from my office. This, obviously, is a scrappy quilt. It is the one with the blue floral backing. That blue floral is from when I lived in Tulsa -- that makes it about 1980 -1981 or so. The little orange flowers made it go perfectly with the monster blue and orange couch and this floral appeared in a number of pillows. It's fitting since some of the fabrics in this quilt are pretty old, too. I like to use up my really old fabrics as backings. That way I can feel vindicated that I held on to them all these years (and moved them all those times) for a good reason! This one is the original Saturday Sampler that my LQS did a few years ago. The block fabrics were provided. I added the sashing, corner posts, and borders. I remember hunting and hunting for the right border fabrics. I think the choices looked pretty good considering not all the block fabrics were what I would have chosen nor did they all "go" together. This is the one with the brown, orange and blue kind of paisley backing. Also from the era of the blue and orange couch. It was a kettlecloth. Do you remember kettlecloth? I made tons of clothing from kettlecloth back in the day. I don't even know if it exists anymore.
Now this one is relatively recent. I had a relatively small piece of the sunflower fabric which I loved. Then I found the batik that is the outer border. I usually do not go for batiks but this one appealed to me. I guess because it looked rusty! Everything else came from stash based on those two fabrics. This one has the almost white background with really pale green flowers. Bought especially to back this quilt. It is not a fabric I would ever buy and I even wonder why I chose it for the backing. But then, this quilt is a bit of a departure from my normal thing anyway.
Now this one was lots of fun to make. I was experimenting with deeper brighter colours. Certainly not much contrast on this quilt, now is there? It has the blue checked homespun backing. I had never used homespun for a backing but had alot of this because it was supposed to be curtains in the flag room in my last house. It never quite became curtains. I thought the depth of colour backing complemented the front of the quilt really well.
Well, that's the end of show and tell for tonight.

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