Monday, May 18, 2009

Show and Tell continued

While I was taking pictures I thought I would take a picture of this quilt. This bench is in my entryway. I made this quilt after seeing a similar one at a show. I really liked the colours -- red, brown, green, black, and ivory. After I took this I decided that I would open up that little green cabinet (thrifted, natch) and stack small quilts and wall hangings in it. So far it is not very full, but I haven't really started pulling from around the house. When it is more complete I will take another pic.

This is the first of the circle quilts I made from Country Threads "Quilts from Aunt Amy". I have actually made this quilt 3 times. I first saw this quilt in this harvest colour way at the Utah Quilting Guild show a couple of September's ago. There was a shop at the merchant mall there called Whimsy Cottage, from whom I could happily have bought 1 each of everything they were displaying. I did buy the book. And on a shop hop down into Utah a year or so later with friends purposely drove all the way to Heber to go to the shop. Since that time it has closed but I understand it has now reopened in SLC. Have to put it on the list for the next Utah trip.

Anyway, this quilt hangs in my entryway. I have a kind of rake thing that is a good quilt hanger. I do change the quilt out sort of seasonally but I like this one so much it hangs there for more than fall. I have also made this quilt in bright, bright colours for my granddaughter. It's at her house in South Carolina so I can't show it, but I can show you this one, the last quilt I brought home from my office.

It has the green wheaty backing. Everyone who came into my office loved this one. They usually sidled up to it and tried to sneak touching it. It has alot of blue so it needed to come home as I get strong sun in my office especially this time of year and I worry about the blue fading. Unfortunately that has happened to some of my other quilts that hung there in the past.

Before I go, at last I have finished the top of the scrappy quilt. I like it alot. I will show it again at some point when it is quilted and bound. I was going to say that I don't usually show tops, but I have before, so I guess I do. This is a LARGE quilt so basting and quilting will be a challenge! Oh, well, it will probably be awhile before I get to it as there is a long waiting list of tops to be completed!


  1. Lovely quilts! I see you are on "no-reply" when you commented on my blog. It sure is a lot easier to communicate and get to know others when the setting isn't that way. Just a suggestion:)
    No, my mom isn't Idaho quilter, although I visited her blog and I would claim her! LOL
    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  2. I really like your scrap quilt!