Sunday, May 10, 2009

Trying to Modernize

I see so many super fabrics on other blogs that are nothing like what I have in my stash. Of course that is probably because the blogs show lots of contemporary styles and I do mostly primitive. But I thought it was time to expand my horizons a bit and have gathered a few new things. The first two just seemed kind of fun. The bottom one could become an article of clothing. I have been thinking about making some tops again. I used to sew most of my clothes, especially tops, and it might be time to give it another try.

I also keep seeing so many cute, cute bags and I thought these fabrics would make a cute one. I love the great big dots. I have always liked dots ever since way back in the '70's and early '80's when we could only get pin dots. And I still have some of those in my stash!
I am in love with this traffic fabric. And it even goes with this blue dot fabric. Can you believe it -- from my limited blue stash came the perfect shade of blue. This seems like such an urban scene. I guess because of the double decker bus.
Blue and brown are also just everywhere. I am not too fond of it. Could be because of all the years I spent with orange and blue dominating my life. But this I like. Probably because there are dots and larger dots with pink and green -- doesn't that white fabric make you think '50's? And the brown checks are reminiscent of gingham, a country and primitive standby.

Of course once I make something with this new look it will look strange alongside all my primitive things.
A really phenomenal local quilter has recently changed the LQS she works at. She does incredibly complex work and has a great colour sense. This is a FQ bundle she put together. I even love the ribbon that came around it. This will make a great table topper. I have been thinking of lightening up a bit for spring and summer and this will be perfect. Of course, first I have to make the table topper. And then I have to do the lightening up. Hmmm....good luck with that.

I am still working on the scrap quilt. I told you it had lots of pieces. Just two more rows to sew together and then another scrappy border to make and add. Lately I don't seem to be able to stick to working on one thing. Maybe soon I will manage to concentrate on something and get a finish. Or maybe not.


  1. Never hurts to broaden your fabric horizons. A friend of mine mostly works on the dark prim style pieces. Lately, though, she says she is trying to embrace "the new stuff". Even though she is using more modern looking fabrics, her style still comes through.

  2. Those fabrics are all great ones! Ones that I would pick out. Those fat quarters are great too and I can't wait to see what you make!