Sunday, May 3, 2009

Not a Very Productive April

that's for sure. Only one little slice of watermelon completed! Usually I do so much better than that. Time sure is going by quickly -- that's my excuse -- and I'm sticking to it. So many things are in various stages of completion I need to have a better showing in May.

So I have decided to bring all my quilts that have been hanging in my office home. All but one has now made the trip. So far I have just been tossing them on my guest room bed. Here they are, and I think it is interesting to look at their backs. I like to use up old yardage when making backs. Some of it is quite old. See the one that is blue with little orange flowers? A VIP print left over from the very first quilt I ever made. That one dates from the late '70's. And the brown, blue, and orange one -- about the same time period. See, if you age something long enough, it turns out to be just right for something.

So, probably the backs are only this interesting to me. I will show the fronts in another post, once the sun starts shining again and I can get good pictures.

Meanwhile, Kim from Kim's Big Quilting Adventure, asked the other day about what we have found lately while thrifting. She had just found some books and so have I. She's right, thrift stores are a great place to find crafting and quilting books. It's hard for me to leave any of them there. And then it's even harder to find space to shelve them. I love to make things for Christmas, and the series "Christmas From the Heart" has some great items.

I recently saw a picture in a magazine of a wall full of little red and white samplers, mostly ABC style and hearts. This cross stitch sampler book will be perfect to find some motifs to create my own version of some of those samplers and then that wall. Of course, it will probably be a looooooooong time before I will be able to show you that...


  1. Hi I'm with you there. My april has ran by and not too many quilts were finished. Once the hot weather comes the quilts take a back seat.
    Love the different backs.

  2. You have had better luck than me than finding craft books at thrift stores. I only find ones that are very outdated. Anyhow, good find.