Wednesday, August 26, 2009


No, not quilts, the Boise quilt show. Let's put this puppy to bed.

This first pic actually goes with a couple other shots of this quilt at the end of the post. I wanted to show the super cool asymmetrical only one curvy corner and had blogger uploading issues so it will just have to be out of order. Grrr.
First up, an unusual Baltimore Album type quilt. I don't know if I have seen one in thes colours. And I love the border. Again the fascination with the unattainable applique. Sigh. From the complex to the simple -- let's look at a couple of baby quilts.
This one just looks so happy!
Now back to the really, really complicated. I know that lots of folks out there in blogland are working on Dear Jane quilts. This one was just gorgeous. I love the pink and brown colour combo. Wow, the work that goes into these quilts just blows me away. The blocks are so small!
This picture shows the colours a little better I think. Just amazing.
I like the use of primary colours on this one. Kind of makes me think of '30's but not quite. Grandma's kitchen maybe. Just needs the red and white enamel table and the red folding step stool. Well, that was in my great Grandma's kitchen anyway. In Wildwood by the Sea, New Jersey.
Here is another phenomenal one. Love the bright colours. These are often paper pieced aren't they? Another thing I don't do...
Let's do a little Christmas. I love Christmas quilts. And I love the plaid pinwheels.
Here is a farther away view of this one. Really striking.
One more Christmas quilt. Applique again, too.
I think this little bow is really, really cute. A change from flowers and vines.
This is another baby quilt. I didn't upload these in a very good order now, did I? Oh, well. I love the curvy corner.
And the nice colours. And the 4 patch in the middle is a little different than what you usually see in this type of pattern.
Oops, a repeat. This was supposed to be the full quilt shot. To show you that there is only one curvy corner. The other 3 are square. Bummer. After waiting for so long for blogger to upload these pictures, too. Please forgive. I will add it to top of the post because I just don't know how to move the pictures around and I am too tired tonight to play learning something new with blogger. Blogger always seems to win that game.
Geez! It took me two times to get the new one uploaded because I accidentally learned how to delete pictures. Why does it always seem that once something starts going wrong it keeps going wrong? I could delete this duplicate one too, but then I would have to rewrite this whole paragraph, if not the entire post and that just is not a goin' to happen tonight! So you will just have to accept a very imperfect post. Another sigh, heavier this time.
And last, but not least, the Gathering Place booth. When I first looked at this booth I was totally dismayed! Look at all the new modern stuff on display! Big prints, bright colours! Where oh where are the primitive country displays I love them for? Well, in the back corner that you can't see from this picture. But it is only one corner, and a tiny one at that. Even heavier sigh!
When I asked them what was going on they told me that they had lost their Thimbleberries club and while they still had a couple of folks on staff who love primitive they had updated. Holy cow! Kind of a bubble bursting event. I guess now I really need to get to the shop to see just how much of my style of things they have left. Sooner rather than later too, don't you think?
Thanks for putting up with me tonight.


  1. Oh, just love that Dear Jane quilt, how beautiful. Thank you for posting.

  2. The Dear Jane is beautiful. I like the pink & brown combo. And the Baltimore style applique quilt is very good, too.

  3. Thank you for sharing the quilt show! I too love the dear jane in chocolate cherry colors, just gorgeous.