Sunday, August 30, 2009

Finishing up August

Man, August has just flown by. It's hard to believe summer is about over. Although that means fall is on its way. And fall is my very, very, very favourite time of the year. Anyway, I did manage to finish just a couple of things in August. Isn't funny how sometimes you can be incredibly productive and other times it is a stretch to get anything at all done.

I was cleaning out some things and came across a couple of cross stitch things my daughter had done years and years ago. Like when she was in middle school. I used to do tons of cross stitch and had tried to get her interested several times. Never quite succeeded at that but she did do a few things. She played the clarinet for a few years so the musical instruments seemed like a good project for her. Anyway, when I found them I decided to add some borders and turn them into mini quilts. I think they came out really cute and they will go in the box I have headed for South Carolina. I also finished this little bag. It's nothing spectacular but I thought it came out cute, too. I had a hard time taking a picture of it, though. Had to stuff it to get it to stand up straight.
You get a nice view of the mess in my sewing area, too.

Since I finally got to the end of the pictures from the Boise quilt show we can get started on the Kuna quilt show. They always have a theme -- this year it was black and white quilts -- so let's start with them.

I really like this kind of cock-eyed sampler. Look at that cute kitty up in the corner. Many of them had touches of other colours. I like the red in this one. And you know I am a sucker for stars.
More stars. Don't you like the positive/negative effect on this one? I really like the way the stars are bisected diagonally and I think the aqua border really sets it off. Might have to do something along these lines.
Here's a close up of a sampler type one. I love how it looks pixillated. Lots of dots.
Another star one. This one kind of has a hidden block look to me.
Yet another. Are you tired of black and white yet? I don't think I have ever seen this many black and white quilts in one place before. They are quite striking. Kind of hard to take pictures of, though. I feel like I am in a Woody Allen movie. And another. This one has the positive/negative thing going on, too. And a coloured border to set it off. I think this was a great theme.
And last but not least, have a look at this one. How cool to do a traditional applique quilt in such bright colours with, altogether now, black and white. This person was channeling Freddy Moran, don't you think?
I love the house in the middle. What a great quilt!

There are still plenty of pictures to share from Kuna so be sure to stop back by soon to see them.


  1. Those are some cool black and white quilts, I really like the ones with touches of color...and I am of course drawn to the one with the aqua border! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. evidently the crafty gene is recessive. although you did try.