Sunday, August 9, 2009

Time travel

needs to be possible so we can go back to the end of June to visit the Boise quilt show. Well, maybe for other reasons, too, but that's the reason I need it right now.

This is a gorgeious applique quilt. I love hearts. I always admire quilts like this but would never, ever make one. My applique is of the fuse and blanket stitch variety and somehow that just doesn't go with these fine vines and all the detail. Sigh. This is a cute Christmas one. It was made with the square in a square ruler. Are you impressed I can remember that? Only because I have seen it advertised and thought about it as I like square in a square blocks and have t rouble cutting off points. I only have a few specialty rulers and I find I do not use them very often because I always have to go read the directions every time. Plus I just never think of it until it is too late.
I have no idea why I took this picture. Oh, maybe it is the whole thing of the close up below. Since they were one after the other that does make sense.
I like the close up. Buggy Barn fabric when they did that pink set. I didn't like it at the time because it seemed so out of character for Buggy Barn, but I regret not getting any after seeing this quilt. It looked great.
Simple stars. Stars are always a hit with me. And I like the alternating block. Except for maybe the pink one in the middle. It seemed out of place somehow. That's happened to me, too, things look great until the quilt is all finished and bound. And then it is too late. Just a planned mistake, right? Of course I am assuming an awful lot here. That pink one might make the quilt for you and the quiltmaker.This is certainly an impressive quilt and has a cool optical illusion kind of effect but I don't think I like it very much. I must have taken the picture because it was so well done. Now this one is a close up of the one below it. As usual I managed to get the pictures uploaded incorrectly. A friend made this and it is not at all like what she usually does. On the card she inidicated she was trying something out of her normal range and looking to use some Kaffe fabrics and try out curved piecing.
And che certainly accomplished her goal. Hmm. look at that, the closeup is not only first but it is also upside down. The curves are pointing down on the entire quilt. I know that because those lights are in the ceiling. What a detective I am!!
I think I took this one because the friend I went with loves and collects teapots. Of course she was right there with her own camera! It's cute though. Bunnies and tea. On our bike ride this morning we saw one hawk and two bunnies so the two bunnies are timely. Good thing the bunnies weren't near the hawk I think. It's been unseasonably cold the last few days (Wednesday was 100 and Thursday was 60). I have been enjoying the cool weather but I don't think the hawk was. He was sunning himself on a corral post. He stayed there while we rode by him and then back again. Eyed us the entire time but I guess we were just to big to eat! Wish I had had my camera.
Okay, back to quilts. Here is a closeup of part of this quilt. I love the heart with the yoyos. What a nice idea and well executed, too.

Well, enough for today. Blogger is taking forever to load pictures and Patchlink keeps wanting me to reboot. This computer had to go to work to be updated due to a virus scare and it keeps insisting it get rebooted. And you know how insistent these dang machines can be!

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  1. The applique quilt is gorgeous!
    The Bargello quilt is striking. I made one off of the same pattern or at least similar. I never could get the top to lay nice & flat. I donated it to a quilter's auction and made someone else happy.