Thursday, August 20, 2009

There's so much to blog about

that I almost have bloggy paralysis! I still have lots of pics from the Boise quilt show -- so many they won't fit in this post, and then there's the Kuna quilt show, and then there is what I have been up to -- phew. Better get started.

I thought this quilt was cute. And certainly expressses how I feel some days. I should make just one block like this one and hang it outside my office door as a warning. what do you think? I justr love the little circle quilting. It makes me think of bubbles.
I always like log cabin variations. It's funny. When I first started quilting I really disdained log cabin quilts. Now I just love them. I have made several and they are always fun and always look great. Not to mention how much they contribute to stash busting.
This one is another of those mystery pictures. I don't know why I took it. Maybe because it is unusual to see a sampler in these bright colours? It sure is a happy quilt.
Applique, as you know, always attracts my admiration. The size of these pieces makes this doable to me. I really like the border with the little circles. Kind of like pennies.
Another log cabin. I actually took this one for a kind of snarky reason. In years past I held various positions on this quilt show committee including chair one year and being responsible for collecting and hanging the quilts one year. That's even harder then being chair, believe me! Anyway in the years after me they started putting up one row of 12 foot pipe and drape. Including this year. So it seems to me that this great big quilt should have gone on the tall pipe and drape so it wouldn't have to be folded. There were lots of little ones on the tall section. Oh well, enough snark. One thing I learned doing those jobs is that everyone is a critic and you ALWAYS make some people unhappy no matter what you do. With all that experience I should know better than even to THINK these snarky thoughts!
Another happy quilt. I like the black and white to white and black background.
Now I fell in love with this one so you get to see several views. I love the applique and the colours were unusual and the combination just looked terrific. And I love the upside down flowers on the top -- like drying herbs on a rack.
Sunflowers. I love sunflowers. And the darker colour of these is spectacular. These birds need to be ravens -- once upon a midnight dreary, etc., right? The Raven by Poe. These colours just kind set that mood for me.
Here is a look at the whole thing, well, almost. Does anyone recognize this pattern? Apparently I failed to take a picture of the sign on the quilt which probably would have told me. Wouldn't you know? Not like I would be likely to make it, but I am sorely tempted. Although all those skinny vines kind of make me shudder!
On a happy note, don't you just love this one? I like that it is offbeat Christmas colours.
Here is another really artsy one. I know the maker. She is very creative. I think it was named something about hot flashes. The name fits it for sure.
One of the things that makes this show unusual is that "ambiance" quilts are always hung around the perimeter of the room near the ceiling. They didn't have as many as usual this year. They usually have to be hung close together to fit them all in. They can be quilts hung in past years unlike the ones for the rest of the show. Sometimes it can be hard to get people to offer these up because it takes a scissor lift to get them up and down. That means they are last to come down, even after the pipe and drape. So when you come to pick up your quilts you have to wait and wait.
If you have never worked hanging a show it is really interesting. I always would marvel at how we would start with a HUGE empty room and within 8 hours or so have created a quilting wonderland. And then it all comes down in just an hour or so. Absolutely amazing.

I like the primary crayon colours in this one. Another happy one. I love the interlocking hearts. I remember it had a great story with it, too.
Well, that's as many pictures as I want to wait for Blogger to upload. Hope you like tagging along with me to these shows.


  1. Lots of quilty stuff on your blog today. Lots of wonderful quilts. I love log cabin quilts. Not everyone of them that I have seen but most.
    I, too, would like to know about the crow & sunflower quilt.

  2. Silly me. No wonThe pattern is Primitive Garden by Lisa Bonegan.

  3. Yep, Primitive Garden. I've loved that pattern since I first saw it being made as a BOM on a blog, but the cost is a bit on the high side, so I'm still thinking . . . . LOL!