Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Summer must really be over now

because this is the very last of the pictures from the summer quilt shows. Let's finish them off, shall we? This is an interesting basket quilt because it is one BIG basket. It makes me think of a guy who worked for me a while back. We were remodeling our kitchen in the old house we lived in (spurred on by the fact that the ceiling fell down) and were stove shopping. I was telling at work about how our old one had only one big burner and he kept looking at me funny (funnily?). Finally we all realized he was picturing a stove with one big burner literally -- not the usual 3 small and one big that I was trying to improve with 2 small and 2 big. He drew a picture of what he was thinking and it looked just like this -- one big one dab smack in the middle! Here is a closer look. I love the use of fabrics, too. Look at how cool the "weaving" on the basket is.
I am always drawn to house quilts and I also love blanket stitching. So it is only natural that I would want a picture of this one. This is a Little Quilts pattern, isn't it? Or certainly similar.
There is a little stage in the room where they show the quilts and they always have a feature on it. I didn't realize until this year that they feature quilts that represent the next year's theme on the state. So, baskets it will be next year. Isn't this one cool? I lovethe way the baskets are made.
I like this one, too. I am not a very good photographer -- probably not news, now is it? It's hard to tell on this one if I was trying to get the quilt or the exit door. LOL.
What you are supposed to be seeing in this one is the long narrow quilt with the 4 baskets. The flowers in each one were done on an embroidery module. Cool idea. I bought the embroidery module when I got my new machine quite a few years ago now. We won't talk about how many times I have used it. But if I were to use it I might want to do something like this.
Not sure why I have this one. Maybe because it is so colourful. The striped (piano key?) border sure seems to be popular as it has been on many quilts. I have done this once or twice but have a hard time keeping all the stripes as nice and straight as these are.
I like the dark colour background on this one. Definitely a starry, starry night.
Here I am again taking pictures of pastel quilts. I really, really like this one. The colours and fabrics are just so pretty and blend so well. It was on a short side aisle so I had a hard time getting a picture of the entire thing but this one gets most of it.
Here is the center.
Just look at some of these yummy fabrics. Not a one that I own. I love to look at quilts at shows and in magazines, and yes, on other blogs, to see if I own any of the fabrics. Some kind of taste validation thing going on I guess.
Ta da -- the end. I think it is always fun to see quilts and certainly if you have stuck with me for all these quilt show posts you must too. I get lots of ideas. I like to think that taking pictures of quilts that strike me at the time is a good way to broaden my horizons. I love primitive and do tend to get into a bit of a rut. Of course, when I make something a little different I have issues finding a place to put them in my house. But that's a good problem to have!


  1. Thanks for sharing all these lovely quilts!

  2. Lovely show - thanks for sharing. The Trip Around The World is one of my favourite patterns and the applique border really gives a different look. I love the stripes and plaids that this quilter used in her quilt.