Saturday, September 12, 2009

Back at last for more quilts

Well, I really did mean to post more of the Kuna show a few days after the last post. Funny thing about time. Sometimes it goes by really fast, doesn't it? August is now gone, Labour Day and it's nice 3 day weekend has come and gone, and we are almost half way through September! Wow!

So, let's get back to looking at quilts, shall we? There will be even one more post of the Kuna show after this one -- I sure have managed to stretch these out now, haven't I?

First up is a super duper snowman appliqued quilt. Man, this one is really neat. I took quite a few close ups. There is a monthly theme to how these snowmen are decked out.
I have a few doubts as to how wise it is for snowmen to roast marshmallows over a campfire.
Skating somehow seems more appropriate! Great work on this quilt, don't you think? I like the brownish background too. Guess white wouldn't work out too well. Man, my snarky bone is working overtime tonight. Sorry about that!
Just cute, cute, cute.
More applique. At least this one has nice big pieces. I love the star blocks intermingled with the applique.
And I love, love, love the black floral print in the border. And the triangle thing going on between the black and red borders.
Another row quilt. I must like them. I sure have taken pictures of alot of them this summer. Guess at some point I really do need to make one.
Here is a little bit of a closer look. Not really my colours but I like this quilt anyway.
This one is Minnick and Simpson fabrics. Since you know I love red, white, and blue, you know I would like their stuff now, wouldn't you? I think I have a charm pack of one of their lines but it is tucked away in a plastic box cleverly labeled "charm packs".
I only have bought a few of them so far and have only used one. I showed you that quilt -- the Mary Engelbreit fabrics. I used to have trouble spelling Engelbreit until someone I worked with told me that Germanic names always pronounce the second letter of the ei or ie combination. That really seems to be true and it has helped me ever since in both the spelling and the saying. You all probably already knew that but it was a pleasant revelation to me.
Back to the quilts. Here is a closer look at the Minnick & Simpson fabrics. I can't decide if this quilt looks like flowers or fan paddles. Looks like it would go together really quickly and it sure shows off larger prints nicely.
Here's another I am not sure why I took the photo. I may have been thinking of it as something quick and easy to put together. And the colours are right up my alley.
Look at this one. Isn't it just really cool? It was made by the person who got the Kuna quilt show started. I love the deep colours and the high contrast.
It looks so much like a log cabin. Here is a closer look. I love the kind of night time, kind of stormy sky.
Well, that's enough time tonight waiting for pictures to upload. That seems like it takes forever. I promise to be back sooner for the rest of the Kuna show pics. Then it will be time to start sharing some of my fall decorating. Ahem. Once I finish it.
Funny, fall is my absolute favourite time of year but when I got down my box of fall decorations it seems to be full of Halloween. Not much just plain fall. I don't like to put out Halloween until October. And I am excited for Thanksgiving this year as I have been collecting wooden turkeys from the "crafts gone bad" aisle at the thrift stores all year. Not quite sure how I will use them, though. Might have to make a turkey farm....

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