Monday, December 7, 2009

It's tree time!

In this house the perfect place for the tree really is the perfect place because you can see (and decorate) all sides of it. We also have tall ceilings so we can have a tall tree. That means there is always space for more 0rnaments. That is what that means, isn't it?

So, here is the front -- it faces the front door. I tend to put my favourite ornaments on this side. Here is the opposite side. It faces the hallway from the garage and the kitchen. As you will see, I don't really have a theme -- I put things on my tree that I like. And since I have been collecting things to put on my tree for a long time there is a huge variety of ornaments. Lot's of home made although not necessarily home made by me.
Now for some closeups. You get to listen to boring stories about some of the ornaments. Remember early in the year when I made fabric chain? Here is the original. See that little flight jacket? It's really a key chain -- told you I will hang almost anything on my tree. My father was a carrier pilot so this always makes me think of him.
I have a couple of crocheted drums and other crocheted ornaments that a friend made for me when we lived in Connecticut a while back. She made that little doll with the blue dress in the picture above this caption, too. That poinsettia is cross stitched on perforated paper. I made it a long long time ago. A little Boyd's reindeer or moose. I always have trouble determing which. I have quite a few little Boyd's ornaments. I have had them a while. The more recent Boyd's items just haven't spoken to me like the older ones.
I don't paint things very often but see that red bell? It was bright red and with the instructions in a Michael's store craft magazine I painted it to look older. It involved lots of flinging and rubbing of toothbrush bristles. When I was finished I had made the wall behind me look older, too!
Remember when soft sculpture with panty hose was all the rage. Granny dates from that era. No, I didn't make her -- you know I can't/don't do faces. That little Annie was done by a local Boise artist. I have quite a few items on the tree she has made.
I love that little stocking. From a craft fair a few years ago. I have meant to make some like it but have just never gotten around to it.
See that hobby horse -- another of those crocheted items. That prim snowman is new this year. These really show the variety I think.
I made a bunch of these ornaments a while back. It is cross stitch over a covered buttons with a crocheted border. Mixed media! I have given lots of these away over the years. It does take up a lot of tree real estate, though. Oh, see that angel almost flying out of the pic on the left -- another panty hose soft sculpture.
See that little wooden angel? I have several of these figures. A women who worked for my dad in his civilian career after he retired from the Navy gave them to me when my daughter was a baby. Each of them represented someone in the family. There is a grandmother, a baby, a tin soldier , etc. She labeled all of them, too.
Again with the variety. I have 6 of those little plates -- 2 each of 3 patterns. I got them when visiting my mom in FL shortly before she passed. They came from her very favourite department store. She loved to shop.
I don't glue very often either but I did make that little wreath with the buttons. I made several and they are still all in one piece! That cardboard Teddy is from a souvenier set from the Smithsonian.
Another Teddy, oh, and just at the side you can catch a glimpse of my newest ornament -- bought Saturday from that local artist I was telling you about. She had an open house in her home and in addition to serving brownies and warm cider she had her ornaments, dolls, and stockings everywhere in her house. A little sock monkey and that clown with the yellow suit came home with me.
Here is a better view of the clown.
So enough of the walk down memory lane. Thanks for sticking to the end!


  1. I love your tree! That you can see it from all sides is awesome! I love themed trees, but I like your type best! I have an eclectic bunch of ornaments, all with stories like yours, and that is the best kind!

  2. Wonderful memories associated with lots of your ornaments. I like the flight jacket!
    Looks like a red & white quilt folded over something close to the tree. Have you shown it on your blog before?

  3. Hi!

    I am enjoying reading your blog and looking at your lovely decorating, quilts and crafting. Had to laugh over the welcome cross stitch that you have had for so many years ! I have a Hardanger one that is showing it's age because of the colors I used. I suppose if I keep it long enough it may come back into style !

    Merry Christmas !